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Definition of "too Hi-Fi"
agree with Rotarius about sterile ie: clinical to an unpleasant stage, lacking in PRAT. In my case, when I hear "HiFi", I would not be able to sit through a listening session for long without constantly wanting to change the music played. Perhaps ... 
Which artists' music do you buy without audition
Dave's True StoryConnie EvingsonJacqui NaylorJames TaylorJanis IanJennifer WarnesKeith JarrettMark KnopflerMary Chapin CarpenterStacey Kent 
can anyone reccomend a high quality receptacle
Oyaide AC Receptacles seems to gain alot of praise........plenty of write-up in AA. Do a serach for "Oyaide SWO"http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/search.mpl?searchtext=oyaide+swo&b=AND&topic=&topics_only=N&author=&date1=&date2=... 
The under 10K speaker
I have been auditioning speakers for the last month or so to replace my Platinum Solos. I listened to the Wilson Sophia 2 & Focus Audio FS-888 at the dealers & IMO they are both very accomplished speakers, at least in comparison to my Solo... 
Speaker match with Pass Labs XA-160
Focus Audio FS-888 Signature or their flagship full range Master 2/3 series. I heard the Pass Lab X350.5 driving the Master 2 & it was pure magic..........life like & effortless.http://www.focusaudio.ca/ 
What are we listening to tonight?
Jean Frye Sidwell's collection including her latest "For All We Know".....very easy jazzy rendition of old favorites 
LCD Screen Size
IME go for the 32 inch widescreen & if possible audition the out of fashion CRT TVs (if available) together with the popular LCDs. I have been using a Loewe Xelos CRT 32 inch widescreen for a few years now (properly calibrated) & I 'm not ... 
Seeking advise on 6922 tubes for a preamplifier..
I was tempted to do some 6922 "tube rolling" when I 1st got my new Herron Pre but avoided doing so 1) can get expensive, time consuming & not always beneficial (ie: experiences from owning previous tube gears) 2) there are cheaper options for ... 
Squeeze box vs. CD player
I added a Slim Device SB3 about 3 months ago, using it as a "transport" to a DAC & my heavily modded Rotel CDP (Audiocom II Clock, BG caps in the power supply rails & fast recovery diode upgrade) has been collecting dust since then.I recen... 
Ayre V-5xe best tube pre-amp to match with?
I don't have a Ayre V-5xe but I 'm using the Herron VTSP-2 with my Ayre V-3 (discontinued) & the combination is dynamic, transparent & neutral sounding. 
Jazz Recommendations
From Norway, Tord Gustavsen Trio "Changing Places" & "The Ground" (ECM recording)From Sweden, Viktoria Tolstoy "My Swedish Heart" & "Shining On You"Both are amazingly good IMO.... 
squeezebox versus airport express
I don't have experience with the Airport express but I do know it's capabilities. As I understand the SB3 features beat the AE hands down for eg: you could use the SB3 remote to select your music library whereas AE you could not & the SB3 firm... 
Need to upgarde the preamp for my Ayre V3
I can only comment on the Ayre V3 ie: whether worth a pre-amp upgrade? I have the V3 now for more than a few years now with various pre-amp upgrades & it has not dissappoint. Unless you are after a muscle amp such as a Pass Lab X350.5 or even ... 
Audio using home computer
Peter,Try to post your question under PC Audio forum to get more responses.Cheers. 
Happy Lunar New Year
恭喜发财, 新年快乐!!!Gong Xi Fa Cai, the best of health & luck for the new lunar year !!!!