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When you can't unhear !
Forgot to mention wider deeper sharper and more relaxed at the same time, how that's even possible beats me but still it is.  
When you can't unhear !
So I couldn't keep my fingers from the cookie jar , took the clock x-3 for a spin and that is not leaving my house anytime soon...  It's kinda hard to explain how much of a difference it makes,  in short terms it makes everything better..more..cl... 
Looking for Sub to pair with Dynaudio Confidence 20s
Have you considered Dynaudio sub 6 ?  
When you can't unhear !
Thanks for the input Jerry but the subject was not necessary about pricing as much as about the "wow ,this is something fantastic " experience because it does not come very often.  Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, I love reading about it... 
When you can't unhear !
@lalitk thank you . my philosophy in a nutshell 😆  
When you can't unhear !
Well,  wife wants a newer car . If the budget all of the sudden happens to 30k instead of 40 I think I'll get away with it 🤔  
When you can't unhear !
I better not,  soon be running out of organs (and  children ) 😆 However, I have booked the clock around Easter weekend 🙄  
Relationship between Ethernet Switch and SQ
I'm suggesting fiber optic for long runs .  Bought mine on amazon.   
Was 1971 the high point of popular music?
Or , as most artists would answer the question of which is your best album?  The next!  
@todbut I'm sorry to inform that the store sold the demo pair a couple of weeks ago. He didn't know if he would order a new pair any time soon . ( he recently got the complete avantgarde lineup in store so space is sparse)  
Any other Pipe And Slippers Audiophiles out there?
honduran cigars and cognag . maybe slippers ...  
I'm going to visit on Saturday, gonna keep you posted!  
If you happen to be in Gothenburg Sweden you could visit my favourite hifi store https://www.akkelisaudio.com/hogtalare/atc-loudspeakers/  
Speaker wire question?
All depends on length..  
Mobile Fidelity Settlement Update
Only in America 🗽