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Who gets your system and music after you are gone?
Just take out the drivers and bury me in one of my speakers (monkey coffins). 
Indian Music?
I second "Meeting by the River" on Water Lily Acoustics Label ....a collaboration between Ry Cooder and VM Bhatt. It is a facinating cross cultural dialogue between two diverse vituosos. Ry plays his steel guitar like a Sitar and Bhatt blues up hi... 
Salif Keita
Yeah, Habib Koite is amazing. I actually used to see him play in Bamako at a little club where us Peace Corps volunteers hung out. He is a very nice guy. In Mali, where Salif is from and where I had lived and/or worked for 10 years they really lik... 
The old timers give the young'ns tips on the 60s.
20 responses in the first day! Thanks, you've given me a lot to chew on... Let me see which one is first...the Blues Project might be first...It's too bad I came along after Jefferson Airplane had morphed into Starship... just my luck. 
Would you pay to audition speakers
No sir. 
Vienna Beethoven, Spendor 8SE, Adagio or VS VR4jr
Hi Tom92602...did you get your Adagios? How do they sound to you? 
Mystical Performances
Jax2, try this one:"Alleluia, Behold the Bridegroom" by the ST. Petersburg Choir on the Album "Russian Easter" (Philips) Composer Unknown. Conductor Nikolai Korniev.Actually, all of the songs on that album are mystical..but you have to have a real... 
Great jazz and Rock unknown GEMS Share yours
If you're into Gypsy Jazz (like Django Rheinhardt)...check out Alphonso Ponticelli from the Green Mill in notch... I like his first album best. I've seen his group "Swing Gitan" live and they are fantastic. 
Mystical Performances
Jax2, really like the Pas du Chat is haunting and beautiful. 
Mystical Performances
Although it may have become cliche from being over played, i think you got to include Bob Marley's "Songs of Freedom"....the version on the sparse guitar, acoustic version.I think probably quite a few of Bob's tunes would qualify as my... 
Mystical Performances more... Usi Letela Uxdlo (Nelson Mandela Brings Us Peace) - The African National Congress Choir on the CD Amandla... recorded the day Mandela ascended to the Presidency of South Africa. If that doesn't bring tears to your eyes, either you... 
Mystical Performances
Oh, I think that that Richie Haven's peformances that kicked off Woodstock were nearly mystical...I think that's what set the tone for the entire festival. Also, Santana's Soul Sacrifice.... Creedence Fortunate Son ....Woodstock was filled with th... 
Mystical Performances
Ah yes, Meeting by the River is amazing. Very special indeed. If you've read my other threads, i've mentioned that one before too. Further, i would say Nick Drake did that on Fruit tree. I would also say Nina Simone did it in one live version of S... 
Qawwali ....Nasrut Fateh Ali Khan
Posting the Banerjee vid here for subsequent readers of this thread who may be interested. 
Qawwali ....Nasrut Fateh Ali Khan
Erider: Wow....that's quite powerful music from Banerjee. I'm not an aficionado of Indian classical, but did have the good fortune to attend the Dravidian music festival in Chennai a while back with some friends. I have just enough knowledge to be...