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ATC SCM 40 question
It's new speakers they need burn-in be patient And don't do any changes now give them time .  
Difference between Cambridge Audio CXN and CXN V2 and other Network Streamers
I have a change to buy the old version CXN V1on a discount price my question is if the old version can support the main striming services like Tidal,Deezer and Quboz ?If I update the V1 is it basically the same as the new version V2 ? 
M&K Bookshelf 75 or Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 ?
For your budget you may consider the Paradigm monitor Atom SE , I bought them last week amazing speakers for just $300. 
Proac D40s vs Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktive
Of course the Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktive goes for twice the price of the D40 because they are active speakers with built in amp when the D40 are passive speakers ! I personally don’t like the silk dome tweeter version of Proac they’re inferior to... 
My Demo results: I feel like I'm at a frustrating block in my speaker journey
From the list of qualities you are looking for you need to check the speakers of  this brands : Magico , Proac ,ATC ,PMC and Spendor. all this brands have wonderful speakers which have the qualities you're looking for . We don't know what gear are... 
Accuphase DP-78 doesn't read SACD layer
 Why don't you contact Accuphase directly and ask them ? 
Cambridge Audio CXC Series 2
I have the original CXC and it is excellent value for money. The sound is not good as my Simaudio 260T transport which is in a completely different league , However the price difference is not small cost more than triple than the CXC .I am keeping... 
ProAc comparison
I heard all speakers you mentioned ,The DT8 is by far better than the D18 and the 148 , What HiFi magazine mentioned this speakers the best in its price in 2018 and 2019 and rightly so they do go low , has deep bass and excellent mid their soundst... 
dissapointed - new LS50w's vs old PioneerFS52's/Luxman R113 - so far Kef's not so great?
I heard the Kef Blade 2 the flagship speakers and I can't say I was impressed , they have a unique sound signature which overshadow the recording and their bass was completely unstable sometimes to week sometimes too overhang . 
What CD Transports Provide the Most Detail?
2 years ago I had a chance to buy CEC TL5 demo unit on very good price but came across a magazine review they compare it to Simaudio moon 260D transport and found it better overall then the CEC so decided to buy the 260D and I don't regret it ,thi... 
Monitor Audio Platnium II
I have heard the the Platinum 300 II ,They are not bad speakers but I was disappointed from their weak dynamics they sound too "polite" for my taste What Hi-Fi magazine conclude the same observation on their review of the 300 II .In general I am n... 
Any Spendor D9 owners out there?
I heard the D7 at Hi Fi show a month ago and was very impressed from their ability to throw a large deep soundstage from a relatively their small size box. They sounded to me much better than very similar speakers the Proac D20. I currently own th... 
Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers
@oranda, Since you heard theXR100s what's your impression about them ? 
Experience on Mcintosh XR100 Speakers
I remember one comment from a member in this forum heard them at exhibition and they sounded to him like a machine making music rather than traditional speakers. 
Experience on Mcintosh XR100 Speakers
I didn't hear them but these are demanding power speakers ,if you don't have serious power amp to move them you should look elsewhere.