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New streamer
Bel Canto Stream 2 might be worth a look.  Small form factor, sounds superb, completely reliable, and never misses a beat.  The Seek app is rock solid.  I run one via AES into a Bel Canto DAC 2.8 and use Roon most of the time.    
Intg Amps: Hegel 590 vs NAD M33 Masters vs Gryphon Diablo 120
Have you considered Bel Canto? The E1X integrated is what I’m looking at right now to simplify things. I’ve got the DAC 2.8 and if the DAC in the E1X is as good as the 2.8 then this should tick all the boxes.  
Power cable
Anticables Level 3 power cord might be one to consider.  I used one on a Pass INT-25 and now a Rogue Pharaoh II and for the money it was a revalation of sorts.  
Subs with room correction DSP?
ARC on the ML subs works well for me.  Just used my iphone as the mic with the app from my listening position and it cured some room issues I had no problem.  Also used the Velodyne SMS-1 management system with dual Bag End Infrasubs back in the ... 
Speaker Pairing for Sugden A21SE
I'm running the A21SE Signature with Klipsch Cornwall IV's and they sound fantastic together.  Rarely get volume past 9 o'clock.  Sure, they are big speakers, but that little British integrated has some serious grip on those 15" woofers.  
True or False?
Power cords...  Put fancy power cords on a LPS that feeds a DAC and on one on another LPS that feeds a fancy streamer.  LPS's got super hot.  Sound was straight crap, and I just knew I'd be sending the DAC and the streamer back.  Then for sh!ts an... 
Subwoofer Recommendations
How about a MartinLogan 1100x?  Downward or front firing, ARC makes tuning a breeze and the bluetooth app makes fine tuning from you chair child's play.  I'm running one with Heresy IV's with the crossover @ 58hz with ARC on and you cannot even te... 
Looking for a front end streamer only.
You might want to check out the Small Green Computer lineup if you haven't already.  I did the 30 day trial with the i5 sonictransporter and ended up very happy running Roon on it.  Bought the linear power supply for it as well. I've got it feedin...