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Human 81 bookshelf speakers?
Based on that hard, measured data of the speaker, a realistic spec for it should be -3db at 52hz. By 40hz they're 10db down. That measured frequency response in general looks horrible. I'd wonder about the ears of anyone who raves about them. 
Need some thoughts how to arrange the speakers
I'd agree with what everyone else has said. Putting the speakers with the windows behind them would be the best layout. That should give you a fairly symmetrical radiation pattern between left and right speakers. Symmetry is very important to stab... 
Human 81 bookshelf speakers?
I wish people would stop blindly accepting manufacturer specs as truth. Ref 3A is a perfect example, they don't go near as low as claimed, and aren't nearly as sensitive as claimed. http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&... 
Bad news for audiophiles?
Results not surprising in the least. And to take it further, if you took that $10 bottle of wine and put it on the shelf at $90 with a "Sale $45" sticker under it, you'd sell a lot more than you do at $10. THAT is the audiophile industry, arbitrar... 
Remove musty smell
An ionizer is the only thing I've found over the years that completely eliminates odors. 
Anything as " fast" as SPECTRAL gear?
All I want to know, is how you made those smilies Mapman? 
What's the greatest bargain in DAC's these days?
I've had the Metrum Octave, to me it was just a bit mushy or soft. It didn't have the definition I wanted, easy to listen too, but boring. I replaced it with the BMC PureDac and find it more lively without giving up any of the smoothness. I also h... 
Best sounding new DAC under $2500?
I'd suggest the BMC PureDAC as well. I've been very happy with mine for about 4 months using Genesis 5.2 speakers which can be fatiguing with most DAC's I've owned. The BMC is so smooth, fatigue isn't a problem anymore. Mine replaced a PS Audio PW... 
Large Room which speakers?
How far you sit from the speakers is as important as room size. Also depends on what your idea of "fill the room" is. I would suppose the Hornings do have enough gas in the tank to satisfy most in a room that size, but still would have their limits. 
Vapor Cirrus Black vs dc10 Berlin Studio Monitor
Unfortunately I can't offer insight on the sound of the DC10, but do have some thoughts on comparing the quality of parts between the two. I had something on order from Vapor Audio, but decided to cancel because of a new contract at work that will... 
Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..
I'd suggest also looking into the BMC C1. Mine works very well with the Revel Salon 2's, and replace some much more expensive gear. 
Revel Salon 2 Amplification Questions
I went with a BMC S1 to power my Salon 2's. Compared to the McCormack DNA-750 monoblocks I had before the BMC is a significant upgrade. The soundstage is much larger and more defined with the BMC, low level details are much better fleshed out, and... 
A Capital Audiofest 2012 thread
I'll be there! Driving down from Cumberland, and hoping to meet some people. 
Recommended USB- SPDIF converter for Metrum Octave
If a new Off-Ramp is out of your budget, get a used one. I had an Off-Ramp 4 for a long time and loved it, compared directly to the Audiophilleo it was the better unit. 
Is no preamp the best preamp of all?
Whenever possible with a setup, I try going without a pre-amp and see how it works. More often than not, I do get an improvement by taking the pre out of the system. And that's with high end pre's too like an Aesthetix Calypso Sig. Currently I'm r...