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Modwright Oppo 105
I had the 95 for some time before it was modded and was very familiar with it. I used it really only for SACD's. I had a Modwright Transporter that was my main digital player. It was more musical than the stock Oppo but lacked the delicacy and det... 
Turntable isolation
Squash balls (or maybe raquet balls) in suishi type cups (Ikea maybe). Poor mans Gingko that works. 
VPI Help
If it has a dustcover, a clear plastic tonearm with the vacuum auto antiskate and screw down clamp, you have a 16.5A bit noisy and you'll need a really good phono stage, but it's a direct drive, so no need to replace belts. 
VPI Flywheel or Fishing Rod Wire on Aries Motor?
I bought the Teres Verus rim drive for my VPI and immediately sold my motor/flywheel and SDS. never looked back and as a bonus fits nicely in the cutout of my Scoutmaster. Better in everyway IMO 
Verus Vs Rim Drive
The overhang isn't the issue. It only stands a little over 4". The overhang of the drive on the motor is around 1/2". You'll have to raise the motor to reach the platter. Mine doesn't lean at all and it's not necessary to either. I'm using the Sup... 
Verus Vs Rim Drive
Being a Scoutmaster owner, I waited for a year for the VPI Rim Drive. Finally gave up and went with the Verus. I had the motor/flywheel combo. When I got the Verus set up, I was immediately happy with the overall improvement. As you mentioned, the... 
Are lossless Codec's worth upgrading my processor
I had the same questions about the new codecs. I bought the Panny BD55 intending to return it. The codecs were sent via 5.1 inputs on my processor. IMO the difference was on the level of cd vs sacd. Seemed much more expansive resolving, and natura... 
VPI Rim Drive vs. belt drive sound files
I'm not having any speed issues with the Teres. The drive leans against the platter so the contact with the platter is different by design. It's basically 2 small footers on the outside of the motor with none inside towards the platter, forcing gr... 
VPI Rim Drive vs. belt drive sound files
I finally gave up on waiting for the rim drive for the Scoutmaster. Picked up the Teres Verus rim drive. Difference was immediate and the same as described for the VPI drive. It is more resolving, better defined bass, more pinpoint imaging, etc.Th... 
Teres Verus Rim Drive Motor with Pro-ject RM10
I don't have the Project, but I can tell you it's a substantial improvement on a VPI Scoutmaster. I don't know about your isolation, but the motor should be on the same base as the table. I tried my Verus on a separate base from the Gingko the tab... 
Tom Waits, Rain Dogs...
I have to disagree there Casey33.. IMO he's one of the best songwriters out there. I can't think of any 2 songs alike He's pretty unique in his arrangements and songwriting style. 
SSM Super Platter help please
The other thing it could be is the lube on the bearing. It can take a bit to stabilize the speed. Whenever I lube the bearing, I let it run a bit before I attempt to dial in the speed. 
Drivin' me Crazy
Maybe a loose connection on the cartridge? Halogen lights or dimmer? 
I like 'The Criminal Under My Own Hat' if I had to choose a favorite. Along the same vein, I really love just about anything by Sam Phillips, his ex-wife. T-Bone produced all her albums except the latest and they're all gems.. but I digress.. 
Anti-Cables with NAD and Vandersteen
I would get them unterminated. They will then easily accommodate the Vandersteen's. The binding posts on the NAD shouldn't be a problem either. The wire gauge is 12awg. Past posts recommended unterminated as the best sounding too.Personally, they ...