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Long USB cable recommendation
For that level of system and at that length and at that price the cheapest cable will work. That’s about as much as can be said.  
What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.
Not like anything I've ever heard  
Aurender Conductor V4 issues
Aurender doesn't really listen to their customers. Running one of their streamers for 4 years and that's been my experience.   
New, Very Interesting CD Transport
I also have the Pro-ject transport and compared it to other players. It's really good. I think @jasonbourne71 is either a troll (well, actually he is) or he has ears made out of the same plastic as his cheapo cd transport.  
Aurender Conductor app reliability and user experience
I went to Aurender and Conductor after using the JRiver interface for years. Can't fault the sound quality. Conductor is a different story. Has always worked properly, just not much in the way of options or music management. Conductor can't even r... 
Fritz Speakers
Thanks all for chiming in. These will stay on my short list.  
Fritz Speakers
To be clear, I should have said low volume and not low level. That's what I'm after, but I think you all get it.  
Anyone using the JPLAY app ?
@j_andrews ​​​​@cleeds That’s what I get for reading too fast, sorry.  
Anyone using the JPLAY app ?
Using JRiver for many years. It's also been updated many times over its long history. There are no "operational bugs", that's just crazy, JRiver does not release buggy software. Each release improves it even further.  
Schiit yggdrasil + Less Is More vs. Denafrips Pontus II
@nutty who is the US Denafrips dealer you found?  
Is there a USB B to USB C Adapter
Not these? Amazon.com : usb b to usb c adapter  
I don't think you'll find much difference at this price point. Well, they might be different, but they won't necessarily improve your listening experience.  
Thought I would add my impressions of the RS2 T after 3 weeks of use. Although I see the OP has already made his decision, this might be helpful to others. I’ll get the nitpicks out of the way first. *I wish there was some kind of handle or finge... 
Music Server Advice
You’re right about vinyl quality. For the brief time I toyed with vinyl again a few years ago I was appalled at the quality of some of the offerings. Surface noise in some cases was obvious, meaning they’re using low-grade regrind material, as wel... 
Questions on PC audio calibration
Some server-based software apps allow you to invoke "loudness", as it used to be called, by playing with tone controls. I use Foobar for managing digital files but not as a player. Many plug-ins available for Foobar. If you do a search you may fi...