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Linn LP12......That good??
do not take offense, but the 125 is a far cry from the mid-80s models. 
Best amp match for Krell KSP-7B?
a krell.....synergy and perfect for vinyl 
Linn LP12......That good??
what you own is arguably as good as the lp 12. the vintage thorens models have recently become quite popular, the td 160, 166, 147 as well well as others from the 1980's are just now getting the respect they always deserved. your ariston is also a... 
What Bryston says about power cord...
save your money. the wire that leads to your outlet comes from the same mines and manufacturers as that 500 dollar power cord. 
Audiophiles... Why Men? Any woman here?
women are too smart for this 
Paging Mr. Albert Porter
so much for plug and play 
Aftermarket power cords for McIntosh amps/preamps
the power cords on mac really are great. mac is not likely to sound much better with a custom cord. check the roger russell website. 
Best Blues on CD/SACD?
michael bloomfield-its not killing me (sony import) 
Amp for Shahinian Diapasons
bedini, bryston, mac 
Newbie, but learning- my vintage system
luxman....great vintage pre amps ....reasonable 
Any Audio Enthusiasts in Tucson?
south of the city