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I Hate Moving
I feel you. Currently having to move twice so on the second move I decided to upgrade my system using this time as an opportunity (insanity) to ship all my equipment that is going to be replaced to the vendors rather load them up to my new place f... 
Why are People Dumping their Audio Research Gear and What Does it Say about them?
is the price of admission to great listening, do it...dol it now. Hopefully there will be some great deals with ARC equipment to ease me into my retirement listening years that I have left. Thank you Prentice for sharing your experience.  
Why are People Dumping their Audio Research Gear and What Does it Say about them?
jaym759  I couldn't agree more with jhdprentice...retirement is an opportunity to put your well earned bucks into a great sound system! I have unwavering loyalty to ARC and in fact looking to upgrade some of my current ARC stuff. If ponying up  
Marty Stuart on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers:
but have you heard Jeff Jourard??  
SOTA Cosmos turntables
I have a SOTA Cosmos with most recent updates… it is solid with good quality build…but not eye candy and more reflective of back in the day. Vacuum system works well and chassis is very rigid. Customer service is great. SOTA is a small company wit... 
Hey Sota - Whatever Happened To Customer Service?
I have a Cosmos and recently needed some help from SOTA for a minor repair. I shipped it to WI from Miami and Donna made sure that repairs were done immediately. My only charge was for shipping. SOTA is a small but dedicated company with a great h... 
Your Favorite Christmas Song-One only Please-
Hooray for Hanukkah by Adam Sandler  
A Record Collection/Moral Conundrum - What Would You Do?
no good deed goes unpunished...having said that, are you interested in purchasing a bridge...great location in Brooklyn? Seriously, by now you have already kicked yourself enough. Let it go...forget contacting this deadbeat, and either enjoy the m... 
In praise of isolation.
correction: I do not see how any other type of floor could offer better stability 
In praise of isolation.
to plumptonvinyl: I have my TT on a cement pedestal of sorts which sits on a cement floor. I see how any other type of floor could offer the same stability. 
Turntable versus tonearm versus cartridge: which is MOST important?
to mijostyn5: monkey 47 and fever tree for the perfect calculus to match tt and tonearm formula...the cartridge will be like the olive or onion depending on your preference 
Music Direct and my recent exoeriences
it took months to get my DUSTCOVER from audio advisor...never had a problem with direct audio. Do the math. 
Calling all Sota fans.
Lewm the Chattanooga choo choo just rolled through…no problem but of course having a cement floor and cement pedestal doesn’t hurt 😎 
Calling all Sota fans.
On mijostyn advice I purchased a Cosmos with vacuum and had a Kuzma 4 point sent to Donna et al to fashion a board to fit…it did take a few months back in 2020 but well worth it…I am listening with a Clearaudio Jubilee and ARC 3 phono. I couldn’t ... 
Marty Stuart on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers:
Hwy61 Again are you posting from Desolation Row? Being from any particular place does not support’best’ of anything ie Gainesvlle…IMO place does not correlate to any type of talent in anything. “The Titanic sails at dawn, which side are you on”?