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NBS Monitor 3 IC
See Robert Harley's review in the Absolute Sound 
Power cord needed
call nbs, they can make anything you want. I've tried alot they make a big difference. 
I use an all bat system on first floor system. 500/wbatpak, 5i and vkd5s. I agree the power cords need upgrading, I use nbs monitor 1's. Expensive but improvements can be heard. I suggest borrowing some and sitching back to stock to see if you hea... 
Anyone Know What VTL sounds like?
Love vtl sound, it just makes instruments sound right. I've 300's which I just had updated a year ago. no problems, I play mine all the time. I have bat system also, 5i, 500's, vkd5,sounds great but vtl & cat sound just real. I also have Plini... 
Some of the biggest audio places carry..
Avalon recommened NBS Monitor lll's to Robert Harley of the Absolute Sound. See his reveiw, Nbs completely wiped out MIT. FEB?MARCH issue. 
NBS Monitor 2
geat cables, the best, i have lll's in my mini systems great also, can't go wrong with nbs 
NBS or Transparent interconnects balance
You need to audition the NBS, I just came back from a b ing their speaker & digital cable. resale value and nbs being jerks has nothing to do with the sound. they are clearly superior. i won't mention the other cable names. top name, you have ... 
NBS or Transparent interconnects balance
i use nbs professionals, friends would bring there cd's over and would comment i cant hear that in my system, i would tell them it was the cables. everyone i let try the nbs cables didn't want to return them. one person has a krell with 801's anot... 
Cable advice; cjMV55 w/ Silverline Sona
i have sonatina's.afte using dragon flys. i tris the proffessional nbs from my main system & got a much smoother, fuller faster sound. 
Burn in discs vs. music for new speakers
tune your fm station so it only gets white noise let it play for two weeks. you can listen to music during that period but switch back to fm when you arent listening. this works for cables also. 
Ultimate PreAmps-CAT SL-1 Ultimate vs. ?
I use the Ultimate now, I've owned and auditioned Audio Research, Melos,Illusion and have friends who own Krell, Bat etc. To hear the differences you need to start at your cables. We switched cables in systems and you will be amazed the difference...