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Rolling pre tubes question
Yep, that's them. They do sound ( to my ears) a bit more alive and dynamic then the ...12 at7's.  
Is my room size going to be a problem for speakers?
Check out open baffle designs. In a 12 x 13 room I am enjoying a pair of Spatial m5's. Find some used Spatials or Emerald Physics. 
Spatial Audio open baffle speakers, who has them? Worthwhile change from Maggies?
Had several pairs of Maggies. Dueto a down size I needed a speaker for a 12X13 room. Tried the .7s , did not cut it in the room ,with low tube  the power. I have Manley Stingray. Went with the Spatial M5's and love them. It took me two years to fi... 
To integrate or not...
Manley Stingray. 
Maggie owners (past, present, future) what do (did) you love and or dislike about them?
Hey Mewsickbuff,My first OB's were Emerald Physics CS 3's   ( Clayton Shaw design) and loved them in that small room. The down point with them was the separate equalizer/crossover prevented me from using my Manley Stingray for power. After much re... 
Maggie owners (past, present, future) what do (did) you love and or dislike about them?
Have owned several pairs.MG 1's , MG2's and 2-b's. When you get them right they are great. I looked at the .7 and 1.7's last year but  I am in a small room now, 13 x 12 and low power ( Manley Stingray ) so they are a no go. I have moved on to OB f... 
High efficiency monitors for SET amp in small room - budget 2.5k
I had the Emerald Physics from two to three feet from the wall. Much less critical then the Maggies.  I found the more distance between the speakers ( putting them closer to the side wall ) the better. I had them 6 inches from the side. The speake... 
High efficiency monitors for SET amp in small room - budget 2.5k
I have a 12 x 13 room and just went through the same thing. I tested and listened for over a year. I tried Zu, Tekton, Klipsch, Usher, Kef.... Finally a used pair of Emerald Physics CS 3's  ( Clayton Shaw design )did the trick. I have a pair of hi... 
What speakers use a "minimal" crossover?
Spatial Labs, M5 
Tuner power cable ?
More perfect ! I just ran a dedicated line for power and was looking for a outlet plug, the perfect  plug looks like the one for me. Thanks for the info. 
Tuner power cable ?
Tuner power cable ?
I have upgraded all my other pieces of equipment with Morrow cords. I suppose my question is... will I hear a difference between a $175.00 cord and a $25.00 cord and spend the difference  on a better Antenna .  
Recommendations for Vintage Speakers
DCM Time Windows..1  goodKef ref..103 or 104... both good Klipsch KG 4 ...very good , especially with tubesSpica TC 50... with a sub -  best 
I jumped
Yes, the CS 3's needed the dsp and  that thing has four cables coming out ,two going in and a plug. The Manley vol. control was after the tape out so was not an easy match for it. I had to change the setting in the DSP. The KCII's solved the probl... 
I jumped
The external cross over and the fact that I could not use the Manley with them. Do not misunderstand me , with separates they sounded fabulous. At my age I am now looking to simplify  my system. No extra interconnects, cables,plugs ect... The CS 3...