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dali helicon 300 opinion
I am the reviewer that they were deliverd to,it is now 5/1, I am told 100 + hour of break in....I am sitting here listen to Los Lonely Boys...Right out of the box I am enjoying them..that is all I can say right now! 
Where to start with room treatments?
Thanks all for your information...If a walk around the room listening to where the bass sounds better, what does that tell me? There are ponits within the room where the bass is tighter...What to do?I have pulled the speakers as far as I can witho... 
Legacy anyone?
Any Manufacturer, Dealer or SALESHACK that requires me to login and register at their website JUST to take a peek at their products looses my bussiness....I am just funny that way..... 
UPS or should I Say Oooops
As an Economist and a lawyer, I am a "dollar voter"...when I make my vote if feel it is for VERY good reasons: I do my best to avoid Mircosoft.I DO NOT buy or use anyting with a NIKE Swoosh on it.I DO NOT drink Strabuck's Coffee.AND most important... 
SF GP VS Vienna Mozart VS Tempo III
Oh, BTW. I have been using Bryston 3B-ST's in mono bloc to drive them..They are a great match!! The slightly mellowness of the GP's are complimented by the edge of the Brystons....I am also using the BP-25 preamp..match made in heaven. 
SF GP VS Vienna Mozart VS Tempo III
I reccommed SF. I love their sound. I have a pair of Grand Pianos I am think of selling to upgrade to the EA 2's. If you are interested we could make a quik transaction....looking for 2K (10/10, OMB, less then 1 year old). Leave me your emial if y...