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Need some treble
What I like beyond the inevitable is it how it makes me back up a few years. Decades even. Just enjoy...  
Going Tubing
A bit more open, prior to bright.  
Going Tubing
Never gone deep on tubes, only a DAC. However, I think I like and worth exploring.  
Qualities Of An End-game System
Tubes maybe.  
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
Might be a bit deeper. A tube DAC took me a step.  
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
I guess i am old too, well 66. Big learning curve. I am probably more causal, like once a week but you know if busy doing stuff around the house the JBL blue tooth has made me cry a bit, grabbed my heart. Enjoy.     
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
I think TAS and Stereophile are a great place to start. Helped me as did AG forum. Big learning curve. I will never spend uber dollars though. For me a system of $4000 may suffice, well $12000 if i could. Enjoy.  
For the love of...kits?
I like hear, here. Well actually hear, hear. Still. Boy if you can here. Hear.  
New Audiogon URL restrictions are too much
Great site. Wait for AI. Nobody will know up from down. Hope not. Not a reflection on AG.  
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
I have heard several variations of integrated, pre/amp amp, ...then add tubes. Makes you rethink it all. Could be my Paradigms.     
Tube sound is not about warmth. It's about correct presentation.
Love that simplicity Curious Jim.  
Rumors of CD Demise Exagerated? New Hegel
My CD beats streaming.  
anyone else getting phishing popups ?
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Been through Prairie Wind - Neil Young, The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - Traffic, and Argus - Wishbone Ash. I'm good now.  
Old CD player back from the dead—prompting many questions!
Like my Marantz SA 8004 via tube DAC. So subjective this is. Enjoy.