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Jadis DA50 blown tube
Have you tried to switch the valves around? If the issue moves to the other tweeter, then the root cause is with the valves. Are they same brand and model? 
Event Opal professional active monitors
Looks like a new, nice pair of stands would substantially raise total cost. I have decided to go with my current stands (artesania audio) for which I'll order in a local workshop custom made, larger top plates to better support the speakers. Thank... 
Event Opal professional active monitors
Any recommendation on speakers stands that would hold a horizontal loudspeaker? 
Event Opal professional active monitors
KH 310A are definitely at the top of my list. Only caveat is, they have to be placed horizontally, which makes for a more difficult setup. Also, I would need to get the right stands, as my current ones (some very nice, heavy ones) are designed for... 
Event Opal professional active monitors
Bob_reynolds,While googling for the ATC, I found out its tecnical specs which helped me to understand what you mean about potential issues with horizontal dispersion. Figures for the SCM 25 are: horizontal dispersion 80 degress, vertical dispersio... 
Event Opal professional active monitors
Bob_reynolds,Knowing that you are overloaded with your work I feel a little bit guilty on asking you some further questions. I'll try to keep it short:1- Is detail loss so perceptable in the 120A vs the O300?2- I have always seen pictures of 300's... 
Event Opal professional active monitors
KH seems to be a good alternative to Event Opals. While googling, I found the 120A which has amazing reviews and with a size more according to my needs. Main difference with Opals is that KH120 does not go as deep in the lower end, but some review... 
Event Opal professional active monitors
Thanks guys. Your replies are really helpful.If I have understood well, main drawback for them could be their not fully refined presentation compared to top domestic speaker. Although I do not find them pretty, I do not really care about their raw... 
Sorry, I overwritted the subject (speakers brand and model) with my username. Hope it is fixed now. 
silver interconnect cables for Class A tube amp?
I use a Jadis DA88S integrated amp with Kimber silver interconnects top of the range with great results. 
Speakers for Bryston pre/power amp
Just realized I wrote it in lowercase by mistake. PMC - Professional Monitor Company. It is a speakers manufacturer. 
Speakers for Bryston pre/power amp
I have heard Bryston with PMC and they had very good synergy. Actually PMC sells packages with customized Bryston equipment. They call them 'active systems'. Also I believe PMC are quite sensitive. 
Dielectrics and such...??
Hi Ben, here is my experience. I have Kimber 3033 and tried to protect them from dust by wrapping them up in a thin plastic sheet, those used to keep food in the fridge.Result was a huge change in sound for the worst. Harsh, unmusical,..., forcing... 
Most cable manufacturers can supply a XLR to RCA cable, thus avoiding the need for the convertor. Just check the ones within your price range. I have a Morrow Audio but I have barely used it yet, so I'm affraid I cannot give you feedback on its pe... 
24 feet DIN to XLR phono cable for Graham Phantom?
Dear L,My first question was about feasibility of using long balanced cables to connect my arm to the phono pre. My intention was to separe the TT from the rest of the equipment, as it is the most prominent, disruptive piece within my music rack a...