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DPS turntable
TW Raven ? 
SP Tech Timepiece 3.0-Dynaudio C1 comparison?
There are a pair of WLM Monitors in the classifieds. A more complete speaker (across the frequency range) than any of the above IMO. 
Referrence 3A's a good match with Lavardin?
I love Ref 3A speakers but you must hear the IT with Harbeth speakers. Probably the best midband reproduction in the audio world regardless of cost IMO. 
Anyone try the simaudio sim Moon lp5. phono stage?
Anyone A-B tested it with the Whest ? 
Acapella vs. Avantgarde
From a European perspective I'd have to say people from north america seem to be obsessed with low frequency, Almost at the expense of everything else !. Jim mentioned that his customers found it hard to distinguish the sub crossover, well I have ... 
Audiolab alive?
I think it's dated and outclassed in the present market.I'd personally buy Rotel or Rega and various others before Audiolab. 
Acapella vs. Avantgarde
Whatever speaker your considering against Duo's would have to be better than anything I have heard. 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
Lavardin amplification, Avantgarde loudspeakers, and to a lesser extent Totem Model Ones. 
B&W DM6, any good compared to speakers today?
They probably don't measure as well but I bet they beat modern B&W's handsdown in terms of musicality. 
Totem Arro Vs. Sttaf
Intergrated is probably the wrong word. More of a singular note bassline. It's not suprising really, look at the size of the driver. Small ported speakers give the illlusion of defiying physics but it is just that, an illusion. 
What subwoofers are suited 4 audiophiles
They all sound completely useless compared to a larger speaker. 
Totem Arro Vs. Sttaf
Yep and don't worry about power. The Sttafs sound great with little Rega Mira intergrated. Looking at your kit it seems either speaker would make a sweet little system. 
Totem Arro Vs. Sttaf
I'd go for Sttafs. A much better all-round speaker IMO. The Arros are very cute and great fun but I find the bass very one note and not very well intergrated with the mid. Afterall the port is doing pretty much all the LF. They're still great thou... 
Current vs. Watts??? Need clarification.
Just to add to the mix that pre-amp overload may also play a part. Sometimes some form of attenuation is needed between source and pre. Especially if you are only getting limited volume adjustment. 
Focal Mini Utopias
I've heard those speakers sound very good with a Sugden A21 and Lavardin amplification.