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Did you notice....
Guy must have a crappy streamer!    He already said he has a cheap CD player?   What’s he comparing it to ?  
Anyone else feel like it’s the Wild Wild West?
Oh my god!   Such useless conversation!    You would think we are curing cancer here?  
Turn down the Volume!
That’s why they are called loudspeakers!   There are times to listen quietly and times to crank it up!   There you go, 2 sentences. Sorry, three, oops,  now four.  Fuuuuuu#cck!  
I have a PL EVO400 amp.  Best amp I’ve heard, and I’ve owned a lot.  True balanced, single ended, auto bias, 4, 8, 16 ohm taps.  Can be used as a stereo or mono amp. Uses any tube you put into it. El34, kt88, kt120, kt150, etc.  Incredibly great s... 
integrated amp on a budget
Yes on musical fidelity!       Best integrateds mentioned here!   Take your pick, they are all incredible!  
Need help choosing a new DAC
If it’s digital then strongly consider HiFi Rose.   I have heard and listened to a huge amount of very very good dacs.  These are streamers,preamp dacs. The sound and usability of these units are magical!  I have never heard a product that has had... 
Nietzsche and Runaway Audio Consumption
Nietzche?     Really guys?.    Come on man...   
Science that explains why we hear differences in cables?
WHY!    JUST WHY???? 
The "Snake Oil" Trope
I don’t know?   Sounds like snake oil to me!  😏 
GaN by GaN Class-D with SMP complete for $940, ready to go just put in a box.
Yea,  when someone gets that upset when challenged,  it’s a pretty telling sign.   George, just take a Valium and relax.   It will all be ok. 
Vintage vs New
This guy just loves to troll!   One of the most ridiculous, ignorant  comments I’ve heard from this guy!  I have heard several of the tekton speakers, and owned a few.  They actually sound very good.  But to say that nothing comes close in a vinta... 
Do I NEVER shut it off…?
Leaving it on 24/7 is ridiculous!  Absolutely no science behind any of it!  Just peoples theories.    Turn on, wait 30 minutes to an hour to get warm, then enjoy.  Been doing this for over 25 years with some of the finest amps in the world.   Work... 
Is it just me?
Stupid post.  Waste of our lives 
A stupid question for which there's no sensible answer.
Almost every post on this forum are pointless!   90% of this is mind numbing drivel.     
Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?
Good post!    I have tried and owned many of the “best” Cables on the market, done blind tests with friends.   Seriously, if we’re all being honest.  I have friends that have some of the best stuff on the planet, and they literally picked the 100 ...