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Need efficient floor-stander for 2a3
I believe the 2 Pi model from Pi Speakers can be built as a floor stander. A great product line for low-power amps. 
How to pick a tubed integrated without hearing one
Develop a short list of potential amps, and then read everything you can about each of them. Look at the "professional" reviews as well as user comments on the various audio forums.Hopefully you'll develop a sense of what attributes are important ... 
Best SACD Player Help Needed
Buy a reasonably priced used SACD player with good resale value and try it in your system. If it really floats your boat, consider an upgrade. 
help identifying bass solutions with system
Or at least try some different vibration damping for whatever platform the turntable is on. 
Are Cables Better Than High Grade Speaker Wire?
I think he's asking if solid core is better than stranded. 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
I'd start asking everyone I know about their systems, and looking for any opportunity to get a listening session. If you are lucky, you'll meet someone knowledgeable (yet humble) who is willing to help you along with your own system.Where do you l... 
Tube DAC Conundrum
What are the tubes? Have you researched the average or expected life of these particular tubes? Some small tubes are good for 10,000-15,000 hours. 
Cryo Treating Silver Cables?
Zmanastronomy: It might be more accurate to say that HiFi Tuning has had great success MARKETING cryo treated fuses made of pure silver. 
Vacuum tube preamp?
The best thing would be to find someone local that will let you audition one in your system. 
evs ground conrol tweak
Search for the DIY versions and experiment for yourself. Very little cost involved. 
Who does repair work on old Kenwood receivers?
Ask here:http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/vintage/bbs.html 
SE direct heated triode amplifier
Try here:http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/set/bbs.html 
Strange Klipsch thing
Perhaps it was just due to their particular room setup. 
Reading threads and posts when selling and buying
What's the point in this? 
Budding Virgin Audiophile Needs Help
My suggestion is to contact Pete Riggle and Nicholas Chua with these questions.