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How best to arrange cables in this room...
If you go with monoblocks and longer interconnects I'd make sure to use balanced cables, preferably a star quad setup for noise rejection.  
Infinity RS8 Infinity RS7 ADS L1590/2 Proac Response 2.5 All over a 43 year span.  
Warmer class D amps for magnepan?
See if you can find an Audio Research DS225 or DS450. ARC's own class D design and the Maggies were designed to mate with the brand.  
Just wow…
This version of "It Happened Quiet" is just unforgettable.    
Best Examples Of Cymbal Decays On A Recording
Tord Gustavson's Karmosin from Being There. The first 30 seconds is the ultimate in soundstaging and percussion delay.  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
See if you can find an Audio Research DS225 or DS450.  Class D, but their own design - not just ICE modules in a different box.  
What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?
Joanna Newsom? Really?  I tried to listen to her a few times and had to tag out about 45 seconds in each time.  I've come to automatically discount the opinions of any music reviewer that gushes all over her stuff.  
Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout) I Trawl the Megahertz  
Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?
If you can find an Audio Research DS225 or DS450 you'll be in good shape. So much of the Maggie sound was developed with ARC gear.  
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Audio Research & ProAc. 
Any audiophiles into motorcycles
81 Yamaha XS400 Special 282 Yamaha 650 Seca85 Yamaha FJ110090 Honda CBR100093 Yamaha GTS10002012 BMW K1600GTLWorked in both Stereo and Motorcycle sales over the years, gotta say I don't really miss the stereo sales job. Way too many eccentric know... 
Class D for a Tube Lover
Look for an Audio Research DS225 or DS450. If anyone should know how to make Class D sound close to tunes it'll be them. It's not modules put in a different box, it's their own design. 
Audio Connection/Johnny Rutan
I was lucky enough to purchase my Proac 2.5s from him about 15 years ago. Still my favorite speakers out of all I've heard. 
2 way, which are the best designs?
Check out the review of the Proac D2R in this month's Stereophile. 
$3000 stand mounted speakers?
Keep the magic of the Tablettes and add a good quality sub.