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If You Could Only Keep 3-CD's LP's , Which Ones?
Wow! That is a tough decision... Lets see I would have to keep: N'sync-No Strings Attached New Kids on the Block- Hangin' Tough Britney Spears-Oop's I Did it AgainIt was a real tough decision, especially with the Britney. I was almost gonna pick S... 
How about those vibrapods under bookshelf speaker
I remember reading about hockey pucks under speakers and components in a Stereophile Fine Tunes. At @ 1.00 each you may want to check it out. Good luck. 
Correct turn on, turn off sequence????
Alexc you are a good man with some good tips. I will have to keep that in mind! 
Correct turn on, turn off sequence????
Thanks Boys and girls lots of good info here. 
Ideal speaker stands?
I would have to say ideal stand height depends on the size of the speaker. You want to have the tweeter at ear level when seated. As stated above 24" is a pretty common size. I have been using Atacoma 24 SE stands. I think they are a steal as far ... 
Progressive DVD players?
Sorry about that I have REINVISTAGATED and found that SWAMPWALKER is right you only need 420p to get the benifits of progressive scan. But then again why not just go for the HD set so you can get that UNBELIEVABLE picture! Thanks SWAMP! 
Progressive DVD players?
progressive scan can virtualy double the vertical scaning lines. Yes the picture is noticable better when used with component video connections and used with a HDTV ready t.v. No HDTV ready t.v. then you will get NO benifits using a progressive sc... 
integrated amps
Audio Refinement makes an integrated amp called the Complete, it is worth checking into it is a real nice piece. 
Please recommend some good music DVDs!!
get the james taylor 
Opinions on integrateds, thanks...
I have a Audio Refinement Complete int. and I am very pleased with its performance. It is rated at 50 wpc and it has pleanty of power to drive your B&W speakers. I originaly had a pair of CDM 1 that I used with the amp, they worked wonderfully... 
paradigm studio 20 or soliloquy 5.0?
i have the soliloquy 5.0 in rosewood and I love them. I had a pair of B&W cdm1 and I got rid of them for the solils. The bottom end is tight but, it is not the deepest after all it is monitor and it is a rather small cabinent. The mids are sup... 
Better B&W Matrix or Nautilus?
The matrix bracing system has been carried over to the Nautilus line. The major improvements in the Nautilus series is the cabinent design and the tweeters. I have heard the N 801m 802, and 805 and was impressed with them all. However the original... 
What have YOU got?
Audio Refinement Complete Intergrated Amp Rega Planet cd player Soliloquy 5.0 speakers Atacama 24 SE speaker stands (lead shot) Audioquest Ruby interconnects 
True Bookshelf speakers--which best?!
Soliloquy 5.0. Hands down a great speaker. Price considered or not. They have a huge soundstage for their size and their build quality is exceptional. I have owned B&W dm 602 and cdm1 both of which I was very fond of. The Soliloquy's in my opi... 
I had B&W dm 602 and CDM1, GO with SOLILOQUY 5.0 they can't be beat for the price.