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rest in peace Richie Hayward
Saw him playing in Calif a few times.Very underrated rock band. 
B & W ISW-4 In Wall Subwoofer
Is my room doomed? Pic
I think your ears are way too close to the back wall/windows.Move the sofa into the room a bit. Get your head at least a meter away or more from the windows. Put up wooden blinds and keep curtains closed.Try a carpet.Work on some acoustic treatmen... 
Picture Thread
My Rega P25. 
Why manufactures donĀ“t burn in their amps and ...
I listened to my system for a year with the stock power cord.I decided to try a new cord and it did make a difference.A window in my room began vibrating/rattling.Never did before.Some frequency was boosted and made that glass vibrate. 
B&W 805S Embarassing Question
Here is a shot of the 805 Signature terminals. 
US only sales WHY???
I sent an item to Spain, within 24 hours of the sale.It got hung up in Spain Customs for some time and the customer gave me some grief! 
Powerful Tube Amp for SF Strads?
Too bad you can't play it since you live in an apartment...... 
Seeking a "high end" integrated amplifier
Accuphase E530, Class A.That's the way to go.Next. 
back to ask again long sorry
Get a Class A amp.According to a guy on another thread, it takes a week to warm up. 
What could I expect to hear from a Class A amp?
My class A runs damn hot.It really needs a week of warm up before sounding it's best?On the advice I got calling the Sugden factory, I turn mine off between listening sessions. 
What could I expect to hear from a Class A amp?
I talked with the manager at Sugden.His opinion is the amp needs 10 minutes warm up time. 
What could I expect to hear from a Class A amp?
Detail without fatigue.Smoothness without the mush. 
which is your favorite inexpensive stereo system?
I had a Denon mini system.Sounded awesome really.Comes with a sub woofer connection too. 
Replace rubber feet on Rega table?
Why not keep the rubber feet and use the Rega Wall Mount?