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Just auditioned Martin Logan ESL vs 60xt
Magnolia demo's the ESL using recievers with poor current delivery. The ESL as with other Martin Ligan ESL's will dip to 1 or 2 ohms in the high frequencies. What you heard is the rolling off of the highs due to the loudspeaker not getting what it... 
You've tried other amps and ended with Pass, please discuss
PASS loves MOSFETS. They suck. You will hear a MOSFET hiss in the highs on every single amp with them. Just not his designs. Trying to make a solid state amp sound like a tube one. Ridiculous. Again, lets please all the 70 year old audiophiles wit... 
Which magnepan
Just like the rap song says " couldnt afford the Martin Logans so I got the Magnapans"