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DAC Under $3000
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Audio technica AT6006R tonearm lifter
Had a similar issue myself. I used the information for setting anti skate provided in the link below. Corrected the issue for me.    https://www.sound-smith.com/faq/how-do-i-adjust-anti-skating-my-cartridge#:~:text=For%20a%20given%20VTF%20(any,VT... 
Vinyl static ionizers who's used them?
Another vote for Destat III. I will use an anti static brush after using the Destat. The Destat removes the static that causes dust to adhere to the vinyl.   I’ve noticed that there is almost no buildup of dust particles on the cartridge surface s... 
Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops
@re-lar-kvothe +1 I US clean new records with a Degritter.    However, playing the vinyl will cause static buildup.   No different than rubbing a ballon to get static buildup.   Some records do have an annoying amount of surface noise. Others ve... 
Psychologist dissects Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'
@dadork  He's a bitter man. He could never reconcile his father's sacrifice to his country with his own need to know him. That's understandable but his adoption of the ideology that killed his father is baffling.   Nailed it.   
Hi-Fi and the Folly of Perfection
@sns Our journey and listening experiences seemed shared. I have also crossed into the stage of less critical listening and more enjoyable listening. Occasionally still listen critically and contemplate upgrades to address the minor improvements t... 
Ultrasonic record cleaners
Replaced a Ultrasonic cleaner I used in combination with a Project VCM with a Degritter.  I clean all records, new included. Then place in MoFi anti static sleeves. The Degritter is definitely a better system. Totally satisfied with the Degritter.... 
Why would a moderator remove a cable review?
Funny how those who complain about politics entering a interest group are the first ones to bring it up. 🙄  
KT88 for McIntosh MC275 mk.IV?
I use Gold Lions in everything. The Bob Carver VTA-180s I bought here on AG had all Gold Lion KT88s in it when I purchased it used. I actually replaced the vintage Mullard 12AX7s that were installed when I got it with Gold Lions as well. There is ... 
Looking for advice
@fuzztone What do you mean “close?”  It’s perfect!!! 😂😂😂 Actually, I only agreed with @soix. Guess you could have checked my system on my profile. I do have an Innuos Zenith MKII connected to a PS Audio Directstream via USB. I also have the Zeni... 
Looking for advice
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Buzzing IC's
Had a similar problem with an AV receiver. Was a ground loop issue. Are the subs and pre amp plugged into the same circuit?  
How best to eliminate LP warps
I have used the Vinyl Flat plates and heating bag on at least 20 LPs. I was very satisfied with the results. I have used on both vintage and new releases. If the device doesn’t completely remove the warp, it can reduce the warp to barely noticeabl... 
RIP oregonpapa
Just read his thread on fuses last week. The SR Oranges went into my system on Tuesday. It was reading Frank’s thread that help me make the decision.  Thank you Frank for leaving your knowledge and experiences with us.  You will be dearly missed   
Audiogon Is Still Relevent...Don't Listen to the Naysayers.
Totally agree. This site can be a great resource. I have searched old discussions to make upgrade decisions in my journey for better sound quality. Many knowledgeable audio enthusiasts here. Everyone has a different “flavor” they seek in the sound...