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Best qobuz records to compare dac upgrades
Ramirez: Kyrie (Vidala-Baguala) (Album Version) this one will sound good on anything but improve as the system gets better. The others are harder to reproduce  
Best qobuz records to compare dac upgrades
Himmelrand Himmelborgen Brahms Ein deutches Requiem, op 45, live, Cappella Amsterdam the first two are on Qobuz, not sure about the third but it’s worth some searching among the many recordings of this masterpiece. Tidal has it    
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
The speaker that changed my hifi life is the speaker that changed my wife's attitude.  For 25+ years she was tolerant of my hi-fi interest. Sometimes we listened together but mostly she used the system for background music. A couple of days after... 
Competitive class D amp suggestions
Have a listen to the Elac Alchemy amps. Class A input stage with class D output. They were sounding waaaaay above their price point at Axpona.    
Looking for good computer speakers
Vanatoo Transparent Zeroes sound great even compared to much more expensive stuff and they are easy (just connect to usb). You won’t hear everything a bigger system can do but that is obvious only in an a/b comparison.  
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Manchester Orchestra - Hope    
Room Treaments - Where To Begin...
But but ….. it’s all analog and built into the speaker They said it would be ok 😅 But I shouldn’t have said no other room treatments. I’m lucky that we have large openings to adjacent rooms at both first reflection points. And my wife pushed for... 
Room Treaments - Where To Begin...
+1 on Jim Smith’s book Get Better Sound.  In particular how to pick the best listening position but there is a ton of other useful info (most of what is discussed here). I used to have a bunch of tube traps. Now nothing except an optimal listeni... 
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
Computer Audio Design CAT feeding an Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse Gigafoil with Keces LPS on the Ethernet just prior to the CAT CAD GC1 ground control on the CAT Upgraded from a Logitech transporter feeding an Arye Codex i doubt the bits changed ... 
What's your dream speaker?
Vandersteen Model 7. Incredibly coherent because everything but the subs are made of balsa wood cladded with carbon fiber. Amazing bass response in any room without DSP because the subs have 11 bands of analog EQ. Zellaton's are also amazingly coh... 
Ayre Codex (former) Owners, what did you move on to?
Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse 
Revel Salon 2 vs Vandersteen 5a Carbon
Another vote for the 5A carbons from a happy owner. tomic601 said it all with very few words.I will say the same thing with more words.When I first heard them I was hard pressed to tell the difference between the 5A carbons and the 7s. Now I can t... 
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Computer Audio Design GC3Big brother to the GC1 which was a major improvement to digital in my system 
What did your system look like 30 years ago?
Infinity Reference Standard 2.5 SpeakersPerreaux 3150 AmpCAT SL/1 Reference PreampMeridian 200/203 Transport/DACVPI TNT with Graham 1.5t and Koetsu Black     
I love sad music
London Grammar - If You Wait