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New room/ need new speakers
I agree with Bignerd100, you don't save much in terms of total footprint space, however, monitors hold better "WAF" value since they are not as imposing to look at in a smaller living room setting. 
Kharma 2.2 with focal tweeter upgrade
At this price-point you could consider a used pair of Tenor OTLs. BTW, I'm driving my Kharma 2.2's with a "Air Tight ATM-2" stereo amp.  
Copland 266 vs NAD 541i CDP
Hi Bambadoo - Thanks a lot for the details & pictures. It took some searching but I just placed an order for 2 pieces of Mundorf Supreme silver/oil 0.47 uf. The LClock X03 is too pricey a modification at $260 for now, and especially since I do... 
Copland 266 vs NAD 541i CDP
Hey Bamboo - I've had my Copland CDA-289 for a couple of years but I've never tried opening the box myself and therefore, the tweaks you recommend, is this something an end user can do at home with simple instructions from you or is this more invo... 
Sound is too thin. What to upgrade, add or remove?
Cello: Happy to see you coming to rescue outside the Supratek thread :-) I have already started scanning a’gon for a hydra-4 plus some replacement PCs. Will keep everyone posted. Nrchy: I looked at yours as well as a few other Kharma based systems... 
Sound is too thin. What to upgrade, add or remove?
ok folks - the sound did improve but not by huge margins. The imaging was certainly more defined, and the overall sound felt less chocked. BTW, I also liked this somewhat more near-field listening position as the speakers were now pulled forward b... 
Sound is too thin. What to upgrade, add or remove?
a quick update: just got home from work and checked the distance between the speakers (woofer-to-woofer). I was way off, it is close to 10-feet - way too much i think. Here are the corrective actions I've taken thus far: I pulled the speakers out ... 
Sound is too thin. What to upgrade, add or remove?
Thanks everyone, thanks for the suggestions. I will try n work with speaker-placement first before going further; however, there is limited scope of moving the speakers closer together unless I move them forward enough to clear the credenza and th... 
New Audiogon Categories?
I don't know why they don't add a "search-by-price-range" function for a given category. This would seem like a no-brainer but then again what do I know:-) 
Harbeth Compact 7ES vs Tyler Acoustics Taylo Refs?
At an auction here at a'gon, I picked up a pair of the Taylo ref monitors (glossy red for $1680) to replace a 13-yrs old pair of proac studio-2 monitors, oh about 3 years ago. I drove them with a Graaf GM20 OTL amp & a Graaf 13.B preamp. For m... 
What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
Aside from NOS tubes it's the McIntosh MR-73 Tuner, circa 1969. 
Your favorite recent discovery
Marco, Yes Lhasa's "Living Road" CD it still listed as an import but available at Amazon for a hefty $26. Although I saw an used copy for $15 at the same site. Another CD I just re-discovered (at a friends hoouse) last week. It is the sound track ... 
Your favorite recent discovery
Jax2,Thanks for the recommendation. Qalan Kar - I found a used, pricey copy ($21.95) at amazon. Wonderful stuff but I think, for me at least, this one might fall into the "very specific mood" category as it is almost all percussion. But yes I agre... 
What's on your reading list?
Resurrecting Empire: Western Footprints and America's Perilous Path in the Middle East by Rashid KhalidiKhalidi is the "Edward Said Chair in Arab Studies and director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University". 
Your favorite recent discovery
Jax2 - I'm familiar with Madredeus. I have their Antologia CD. Another artist alone these lines is Emma Shapplin. I like her "Carmine Meo" CD.