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Service for Mark Levinson
OMG! From the title I thought he died! 
Magnepan with upgraded fuses
I'm planning on bi- wiring which I assume is better than upgraded jumpers. Am I correct? 
Magnepan with upgraded fuses
Thanks for all the responses. Been traveling so checking AGon is sporadic.Elizabeth, please elaborate on "coils." I'm unfamiliar with them.Thanks. 
One artist, band, you keep coming back to
Mark Knopfler, and, Dire StraitsEva CassidyJennifer WarrenEagles 
Does Mc Intosh make reference gear
I've had a great variety high end gear over the last 35 years and have settled with a McIntosh pre and amp.Reason: it sounds like music. Period. And, that's why I'm in this hobby. I'm guessing that those who bash it have never heard it. 
small speakers for small room
I'll second the recommendation for the Silverline Minuets. Remarkable little speakers. 
Shipping Help
Most cities have stores that sell used boxes. If you find one or two that work you can line them with sheets of Styrofoam from big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes and cut them to size to firmly enclose the speakers at least 2" on each side. Be... 
Amazing "tightening" of bass on cone speakers
A frequently overlooked "tweak" that can bring significant improvement. With this reminder it's time to do mine again.Further improvement can be gained by using a torque screwdriver so that all screws are tightened to the same degree to keep image... 
Advise needed... aka how to replace the Oppo
I have an OPPO 95 and like it a lot for my modest HT setup and found a few very inexpensive tweaks that improve on it's audio and video.But I have a Bryston BCD-1 in my main system and it is outstanding. Used it is probably within your price range. 
Which preamps is better? ARC REF 3 vs MC-2300
I found the C2200 much better sounding than the C2300. With tube rolling you can tailor the sound since the stock tubes are junk. 
Now what?
I've had the Rega Planet, Planet 2000, and Jupiter 2000 which I liked quite a bit. But, when the latter was blown away by a $35. used Sony Play Station One I knew it was time to change. I bought a used Bryston BCD-1 and never looked back. The BCD-... 
Speaker recommendations, budget $10-15K
Another vote for Von Schweikert, along with Silverline. 
IC to mate with oppo 105: mostly 2 channel
Search for reviews on JPS Labs interconnects. Even their entry level cables are very impressive. 
Best cartridge options for around $200.
I'm having my Clear Audio Maestro Wood repaired and bought an Ortofon Red 2M and it is an excellent temp cartridge for the money. I'm amazed at the quality for the modest price; very listenable even right out of the box. It or the next step up -th... 
Spikes or Feet
Herbie's Gliders under brass spikes for speakers and equipment racks have made a signigifant improvements in both my HT system and my main audio rig and best any other combination I've tried. Herbie's products have a 90 day return policy so they'r...