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Rockna Wavelight thoughts?
I have tried for a few years to get a DAC that sounds "right", to my ears. Conservative estimate I tried nearly a dozen including; two Schitts, IFI, Phison, Mytek and a Cambridge. I'm sure I'm missing a few from my trials.... ranging in price from... 
6000 dollars CD player
I was in the market for a new CD/ SACD player when I went to Capital Audio Fest 2019 (the most recent one)... I listened to players costing $2000 -$6000 and then I heard the ModWright / Pioneer BluRay player. It was by far the best player I heard ... 
Review on the Rockna Audio Wavelight Pre/DAC just went up on Stereo Times
I've had a Wavelight in my system for a little over a week now, after trying a Mytek and a Phison, .... and I liked it, but didn't love it when using a laptop.  I purchased a Roon Nucleus along with a Teddy Pardo power supply and the difference wa... 
Need a new cartridge recommendation for clearudio concept black.
Have you talked with your dealer? ClearAudio sometimes ? offers trade in allowances for upgrading their cartridges. Also, consider sending it to Sound Smith for repair. Well worth two phone calls to hear what they have to say.. .  
Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.
the finger snaps on Patty Barbers version of Ode to Billy Joe is a real differentiator between amps. Those seem incredibly difficult to get just right. I also listen to cymbal strikes and decay as well as the same on piano. Ahmad Jamal's Blue Moon... 
Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.
following the latest line of discussion regarding HT for music. The center speaker itself makes significantly more of a difference than any other component in getting voices absolutely correct. One of the primary reasons I selected KEF Reference 5... 
Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.
not a hint of brightness out of mine, but it is revealing no doubt. Using it to bi amp really works remarkably well for both the amp and the Reference 5s. Just a great synergy. Good luck with the sale. Shouldn't take long at all.  
Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.
wow, one of the best discussions I've read in a long time on any forum. Civil, very informative and lots of expertise/ experience.      I'm using a "vintage" Marantz Sr6003 (soon to be replaced by a SR8012 or 8805 lol  thinking, thinking ) in my s... 
new HT receiver or preamp
understand your point.... I've tried both....I can tell you for a fact that they really sing bi-amped ...  To my liking/ ear they are more dynamic and image even better (which is saying something) . Horns are really incredible    FYI, I am using m... 
Denon DP-60L vs Technics 1200 MK III
Please let me know if you ever decide to sell the Denon. I have a 60L that died due to an unobtainium chip... It was by far my favorite table.... many came and went over the years, but I always kept the 60L .... I'd like to restore it.Thanks   
Bad vinyl
sorry... also returned two copies of a Janis Joplin "Pearl" repress that had more ticks and pops than my original copy! Gave up on that one. 
Bad vinyl
I had to return two copies of Daniel Ratcliffe's album due to very poor sound... have heard AM radios that sounded better. I swear that they weren't pressed hard enough. The MP3 sounded better which is truly sad lol 
new phono pre Pass Labs Xp-15 phono pre
lol   yep, that's why it's turned sideways in my rack while I'm playing with settings  Wife just loves seeing all those wires sticking out all over the place....  
recommendations of phono preamps < $3000 range
Ran into a super deal on a Pass Labs XP-15 that I can take on a 10 day trial.... and within budget....I'll give it a shot... and let you know. Will continue looking at the Tron etc  
recommendations of phono preamps < $3000 range
very cool stuff, I've never heard or nor seen before. But not a good match for my cartridge.