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A Vandersteen trade that makes no sense
Well thanks to all who encouraged me to sell the Vandys outright. I sold them (finally)! 
A Vandersteen trade that makes no sense
Thanks Erik. I have tried for months to sell them. Vandersteen's are not currently a big seller here in Canada, probably due to the low CDN dollar (vs the USD). 
attn vandersteen dealers upgrade my 1ci to 3(latest)
Lol and good point hifiman5 - I'm near Toronto. Have car, can travel. 
Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?
Can you suggest a few good horn models? 
wet blankets, CSNY and what a difference a DAC makes
Hi Bob, gdnrbob,I have a PrimaLuna Prologue 1.~Jim 
Auris BluMe with external DAC - Teac UD-501
Yeah good point milpai. After posting I realized that's where I should start. So, yes. Thanks. 
Is anyone using a sub-woofer with their  REFERENCE 3A De Capo BEs? (and if so which one?) 
Thanks all. I have a 30 watt Prima Luna Prologue "classic" (original) tube amp. My room size is about 12' x 15', but not entirely closed off.Hardwood floors.A local high-end dealer has a pair 8-months old that he took on a trade-in. 
Vandersteen 1ci vs Totem Arro
@chrisr Yep I think that's probably the best way to go.  
Vandersteen 1ci vs Totem Arro
@jetson   My Prima Luna is also the "classic" integrated amp - it was the entry level model at the time. 
Vandersteen 1ci vs Totem Arro
What do you consider to be a small room? 
MQA ? Pono? What's better than the CD?
MQA works with existing DAC - there is just no benefit. If enough source material becomes available supporting DACs will become available. 
MQA ? Pono? What's better than the CD?
What is MQA ? 
Internet Tuner
I'd like to get some hi rez files too. I wonder though if services like Acoustic Sounds or Eluvsive Disc simply take existing 16/44.1 files and upsample them.Pono files, which are in FLAC format hi rez files (and so are playable by many players) a... 
Voltage regulator in the power chain
What if I plugged the voltage regulator into the wall first and then plugged the power conditioner into it?