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Cullen or Triode Wire Labs power cord?
I used both brands and both cables you mentioned in my system before. As thyname said, TWL Obsession and Cullen Crossover II are not in the same price range so it’s not really an apple to apple comparison. I personally prefer TWL power cords and I... 
Dyaudio Confidence C4 room size requirement
Thank you very much for the advice! I secured a pair of C4 Platinum about 200 miles away from me. Going to pick them up this weekend. Will be shopping for an amp after that. Amp advice is welcome.  
UniField 3 Mk II
@rpeluso I recently purchased a pair Unifield 3 (not the MKII). I wonder how you wire the speakers. I currently use 2 pairs of Audience AU24 SE but it’s not easy to connect to my Ayre AX5 Twenty integrates since it only has one set of spade termin... 
Looking for a warm sweet speaker
@mckinneymike Are you in the North Dallas area? If so, I have a pair of Focal Utopia Be for sale. They will fit your budget nicely and leave you some surplus for other upgrades.  Feel free to come by and audition them if you’re interested.  
Which USB Cable to buy
A used Curious USB may worth a try. I used to own one and enjoyed it a lot  until I upgraded to the much more expensive Light Harmenic USB.   
Scansonic MB 3.5 review
No, Scansonic’s are not ‘affordable Raidho’s’. This Audiogon thread has some good discussions. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/scansonic-mb-serie?highlight=Scansonic 
Fusion Audio new Magic power cables
@denon1 curious to know if you’re still using the Fudion Audio Magic poet cord? I’m shopping for a power cord and Fusion Audio pops on my radar screen.  
Opinions on best integrated under 10k?
@uberwaltzI wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hegel H300 or H360 for the prices you see on Agon now. The reviews on TAS and other magazines match my impression. But keep in mind that Hegel is still not Gryphon, Dartzeel or Vitus. That’s an honest fee... 
Opinions on best integrated under 10k?
I used to own Hegel H200 and heard both H300 and H360 at audio shows and dealers. Decent amp for the price. Didn’t try the onboard DAC but I used to own a Hegel HD25 DAC and loved the sound. For the prices I see on Agon now, I think it’s a no brai... 
Opinions on best integrated under 10k?
@uberwaltz Not really if you are open to used units. $10k is a pretty generous budget for used units. The listening experience from these ‘elite’ integrated is in a totally different league is all I can say. The challenge is not many of them show ... 
Opinions on best integrated under 10k?
I think the attached Agon thread will give you a pretty comprehensive list of the top-notched integrated amplifiers. Some of the amplifiers in that thread may be above your price range though. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/upgrading-form-... 
Audio Art S-3SE interconnects
I changed ICs several times since then. Changed to the Silnote Morpheus II Series II then Synergistic Research Element Tungsten. Have been settled with SR for a while. Tried a few other brands but not long enough to comment.  
Analog integrated amp recommendation
@monkandmozart  New or used? What speakers do you use? Music preference?  
What Are You Powering Your Focal Utopias With?
@jo1mtb Vitus and other brands in the same league are all very capable. At the end of the day, it depends on your preference and system synergistic I believe. One thing I’ve noticed special about Vitus is its bass. Tight, deep, clean, fast but not... 
What Are You Powering Your Focal Utopias With?
I use Vitus RI100 for my Diva Utopia Be. They are smaller than your Utopias. Similar room size.