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Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?
That is true and an important point. I use optical as my router is 100+ ft from the ER.  I needed to try and consult with people on several different converters prior to settling.  Difference in SQ was obvious.   
Best amp for Salon 2
I have had very good success driving the Salon2 with the larger BAT Amps.   
Room acoustics
Interesting topic.  I’ve seen people experiment with all kinds of instruments in the room, including placing violins / acoustic guitars and other string instruments on the front wall.  Obviously some methods are more expensive than others, kinda d... 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
Glad to hear. That’s an excellent option to start with. Works for me wonderfully. I have tried a couple of Linear Power Supplies (LPS) and other tweaks with my NUC and have been really impressed with even the USB connection SQ to the DAC The Fara... 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
I now have the Fan-less NUC running on a nice linear power supply and I do like the sound better.  Basically I perceive a lower noise floor.  I did not think it was possible anymore, but I do like it better. Tried few days with Quboz and local fil... 
The hunt is over
Your system looks excellent. I see a lot of taste similarities with my own system.  Enjoy the sound of victory!  
Best Server To Run Roon Core
Thanks @thyname So as an update, I have the nuc running Rock OS headless, in a fanless case. Roon UI is flying! Also, SQ improved. But not sure if improvement is due to the new Core setup, or because the new DAC is continuing to break-in. Regar... 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
Impressive and forward thinking technology there Lalit. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and experiences.  Lots of great comments keep coming.    
JL Audio CR-1 Crossover
One thing that might be worth mentioning about the CR-1 are the ground lifting switches in the back.  Their position matters, especially when using RCA ICs.  Owner should definitely test if grounded or floating sounds best to them.  
Accuphase E650 XLR Input issues
I realize that you mentioned that all works perfectly with RCA inputs, but perhaps try changing Left vs Right speaker cables on the amp side (only) to make absolutely sure that the issue is not with the speakers or speaker cables. Also perhaps yo... 
JL Audio CR-1 Crossover
hi @ozzy  90Hz is what JL recommends.  Also, I tried several from 70hz to 110 and did not like other x-over frequencies any better. Regardless if it's 80 or 90,  I believe the most important part is to find the right phasing on each sub.  That's ... 
JL Audio CR-1 Crossover
@ozzy - I cross over at 90 HZ with CR-1  
JL Audio CR-1 Crossover
The CR-1 has been a very impactful addition to my system for 2 years now. The main improvement was unexpected; the speaker's (high frequency and midrange) output became clearer. JL explained that it’s due to the speakers being alleviated from the ... 
No Insurance with FEDEX as of 11/01
I had shipped 2 packages after Nov 1st and fedex insured them with no problem.  Both with  over $2000  declared value 
Is It Time To Sell My Vinyl Rig?
Hi OP,+ 1 @lalitk Great Idea. Happy to help fellow Audiogoner in need.  Good luck with your surgery.