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How does bi-wiring work?
Thank you for the video; I watched all 27 minutes. It confirmed -- in spades -- what I had surmised (but only after I paid $600 more for their being "bi-wired"). Talk about being suckered! Jeez!!  
Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice
Revel’s Ultima series speakers (Salons and Studios) are uniformly outstanding. I have owned Studios for two decades, which are very similar to the Salons but with one fewer bass driver. I use two mono 600 watt power amplifiers, and, at 85+ db leve... 
My Four Favorite SS Amps
I now use McIntosh MC 611s for my LCR speaker array. At this point, I cannot envision replacing them. In essence, they are enormously powerful, encompassing, and always capable of exquisite amplification.  
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
I read, and trusted, Anthony's reviews for the past 40 years. He had a very good ear and a true talent for putting into words what he heard. His insights will be missed, and the audiophile world is a little murkier with his passing.  
Cary DMS 700 vs Aurender A300
My two cents: when I was in the market for a streamer/DAC, I gave the Cary DMS 700 serious consideration. (I even attended AXPONA that year to listen to it in an optimal setting.) One clear feature it had, in my estimation, was its being Roon read... 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
I have been steadily improving my audio system for now more than 50 years. Among power amplifiers, I have owned Mark Levinson and Krell (both Class A). Now I own McIntosh 611 mono power amplifiers. In my system, the resultant sonic reproduction is... 
WireWorld Chroma ethernet cable
I use Wireworld’s Starlight 8 between my 24-port Luxul AV switch and my Lumin T2. That comination works well for me. Then I use Kimber Kable Silver Streak analog cables between the T2 and my Theta Digital Casablanca V preamp/ processor. I am very ... 
Marantz vs. Oppo or Theta
I own a Theta Casablanca V. In my opinion, it is an outstanding AV preamp/processor/DAC in flexibility and sound quality (insofar as what it does, which is everything except SACD decoding and MQA decoding). It also has built-Dirac Live.  I use min... 
The best looking speakers
Two standouts: certain Sonus Fabers and Estelons (with extra-cost finishes).  
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
First, let me state that listening to speakers has been a hobby of mine for decades. Moreover, once upon a time, I was a part-owner of a speaker company that failed.  That said, my criteria for suggesting a speaker manufacturer in my response is ... 
Wadia 8 transport CD drawer will not open or close on its own
I, too, have a Wadia 8, which I purchased soon after that transport became available as the companion piece to my Wadia 2000 DDC. Recently, my Wadia 8 became "temperamental", albeit in a different way. While the tray did open and close, the CD wou... 
You had Theta in the past, what did you move onto?
I have never moved on. I started with a CBIII and have upgraded it continually over the past 15+ years. In terms of audio quality, no other preamp processor comes close -- provided the new Extreme D3 DACs are used. It is just my opinion, but I thi... 
Best amp for Salon 2
I own Studios, which I drive with McIntosh 611s. I formerly used a Krell 200c, and I find the 611s to be really good.  
Mcintosh C-12000
That has to be an absolutely perfect combination. What speakers?  
I’m about to push the button to get 2 SVS 3000 micros to add to ATC SCM40s.
I have two 3000 Micros which I use in my Home Theater II (in I, I have two SB1600 Ultras). They are limited in the lower bass (below 32Hz) region, but they do punch above their weight class (i.e., for 8" cones). One BIG advantage they have is due ...