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modified Oppo 105D v. Mcintosh MCD 50042434
Sjofn the Clue v. Fritz Carbon 7 or other Fritz55327
Supratak v. Jadis and/or BAT32081
Tube Pre, HT Pass and Balanced Output51869
Parasound JC-1 and B&W 803d1445716
Cal audio ssp 2500 for SACD multi-channel390713
Speaker Choice30164
Monitors for HT system20362
Venture Audio1609323
DVD-A, SACD with Cal Audio 2500 series Gear23614
Velodyne dd series 10 or 12 v. Rel Strata III871510
Dynaudio HT - Confidence Series.33436
Totem Forest, Mani 2's or Green Mtn Audio Europa776115
Cal Audio mca 2500 and Dyn Confidence28392
Amp for use with Jm Labs Electra 946's30385