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Where to put one's best power cords??
Thanks for all the responses. I’ll experiment to see what works best. Jeff 
Where to put one's best power cords??
That would be the DAC, as opposed to the transport, right? 
Anyone heard about the new Mcintosh MC2301's?
I, too, drive the Tannoy Westminster Royal GRs with the MC2301 monoblocks. Yes, it is horsepower overkill, but the combination is surreal! Dead-quiet, and so, so resolving! The low noise and zero distortion of these amps mate very well with the 99... 
any Marillion Fans?
Interesting post. It just so happens that I am the new (about a year now) lead singer of Iluvatar, the band mentioned by RlWainwright. Our band is more mainstream prog rock, similar to Marillion; often compared to Genesis, Rush, Yes or even Kansas. 
Pairing Tenor 75 OTL with Soundlab Majestics?
Thanks for the feedback, esteemed audiophiles! 
Pairing Tenor 75 OTL with Soundlab Majestics?
Thanks, Albert, for the response. My room is about 4000 cubic feet, and I'm concerned I won't have the power I need at the extremes. 
long term components
ARC CD7 reference has been in my system for 6 weeks now! Rarely, do I keep a component that long! :) 
Want to Blow Up My Stereo
This may be obvious, but have you had your hearing checked? Sometimes a wax buildup in one ear causes a very noticeable shift. You said you're not having the problem in your lesser system, so maybe that indicates it isn't a hearing problem, but wh... 
New Beatles remasters
Listening to the stereo set now. Very nice job remastering. Every disc has sounded at least good, if not superb. The later albums, in particular, sound like good vinyl. Very pleased with this purchase! 
CJ Premier Triode?
Joe:I've owned the Premier 12s in both power configs, as well as the 8's in both. I preferred the triode versions IF the speakers were relatively efficient. I actually compared the 12 and the 12xs side by side for about 2 weeks and came to the con... 
Your Top 5 Favorite Power Ballads
"More Than Words Can Say", Alias"Love of A Lifetime", Firehouse"Heaven", Warrant"When I'm With You", Sheriff"When I See You Smile", Bad English 
Anyone else in my shoes? Ears going.........
Ear-igra is not for everyone- just men who are healthy enough to listen to music. If you have a listening session that lasts more than 4 hours, you should seek an audiologist's help immediately. 
ASR Emitter owners-help.
Thanks for the responses. I might have found the issue: I was using the amp in energy-saving mode yesterday. Tonight, I have been running it on knob setting "2" which results in far less heat on both sinks.By the way, this amp is SURREAL!!! My pri... 
Phono stage with volume control?
Thanks for the great suggestions. 
How many hours did your projector lamp last?
My last Runco VX-101-cx bulb lasted just 404 hours (out of expected ~1500 hours) The tech told me that a power surge could have zapped it or that perhaps I wasn't making sure it was completely cooled down before starting the projector back up. Giv...