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How and when to check stylus condition.
Excellent thread! I think it's time to take my Rega in to my dealer for a check-up! 
Empire 498
Well, a contrary view. I've been in the hobby since the early 60's and I drooled over the Empire TT's at the time. My first cartridge was an Empire 2000 EIII.Restoring one of these is like restoring a 60's sports car; you gotta have a love for it.... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum with NOS signal tubes. It leaves nothing to be desired in my den. 
Rogue Cronus with KT-90 tubes
An update after living with the KT 90's in my Rogue Cronus Magnum I swapped back the EL 34's for a comparison (biased them properly, of course) and the result?Can't wait to put the KT 90's back in. I think Mark & Co. knew what they were doing ... 
New to tubes
I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum, too. I think you have plenty of power for anything other than a barn. In my small listening room I can't go louder than 10:30 AM on the main dial.I'm using a Rega P5 with a high output MM through a Lehmann Audio SE pr... 
Rogue Cronus with KT-90 tubes
I have the Cronus and used it with EL34's (ElectroHarmonix) which I loved, then upgraded to Magnum with the KT90's. I could easily be happy with either. I loved the dimensionality and warmth of the EL34's, but the KT90's just give way more a sense... 
Rogue Audio Cronus tubes ??
Electroharmonix EL34EH worked wonderfully for me and gave additional improvement after I had converted all the small tubes to NOS Amperex and Telefunken. 
anyone have experience w/magnum conversion 4 Rogue
Well, I've had the modded Rogue in hand for a month now. At least 100+ hours of burn in have taken place. My conclusion, for those who don't need the details is that the conversion is not necessary to enjoy music through the Rogue, but it will enh... 
EL34 differences in air & stage depth?
I don't see that anyone has suggested current production tubes for you. The joy of tube rolling is that for less than $100 a quad you can have some very distinct differances. I tried Groove Tubes EL34M, supposedly a Mullard clone. They're OK, but ... 
anyone have experience w/magnum conversion 4 Rogue
OK, OK, you guys have convinced me. I emailed Mark today I'm ready to go ahead with the conversion. BTW, he kindly allowed me to knock $75 off the price as I prefer to keep my NOS Amerex Bugleboy's and Telefunkens in the small tubes slots. Now, I ... 
New rega p3 24 or used p25
b uy the new table. you can begin with it as is then upgrade to the power supply unit later. one cannot upgrade the p25 for total speed stability. with the 3/24 table you nearly have a P5 at a bargain price 
Looking for tabletop ideas for VPI 16.5RCM
Mine is on a wood TV tray table. If you needed scrubbing surface, two trays might do - until you find something you're happier with. 
el 34 vs kt 77
Night and day, in my experience. I bought a used Cronus based on spectacular reviews. When I first tried mine, with the KT77 tubes, I heard bloated, unfocused bass, average mids and just OK the rest.I decided to try it with EL34's - often spoken o... 
Rega P5 with Dynavector 10x5....ready to buy ???
I've a P5 with Exact II combo. I love it. What about upgrading your TT and moving your cartridge across. That way, you'd know how much improvement was the hardware, and you could buy a new Cartridge later - if you need it. 
Looking for ACCURATE SPEED turntable/tonearm combo
If you want solid accuracy in a belt drive a Rega P5 or even a P3-24 with the added PSU will fit the bill and have an arm good enough for any cartridge up to nose bleed territory.