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CD mastering a lost art?
Dynamic compensation, equalization, whatever. Tonally they are unlistenable. This major fault of most recordings is intentional. I know this to be the case because a "poorly recorded" CD sounds listenable on my ipad or in my car, and is horrific o... 
Modwright sony xa 5400cd
In regard to pace it's the different powers supplies that need to be compared. There are at least three. 
Player that excels at imaging..
Unusual responses.Power cords? Brute resolution?Or warm, magically floating, musically holographic, tubes. 
Neutral cables for hi-resolution, imaging system?
MIT's are full sounding. They'll give your system body and space. I tried several of the more "popular" brands above and none image like MIT. Yea, nobody likes the boxes and they are expensive. You could easily get a used pair, people are always u... 
Martin Logan Aerius i vs. Spica TC-60
Spica's are great. I don't know anything about speaker manufacturing, but why someone cannot build a modern version of the spica's or just copy the old ones is beyond me.Virgo IIs are the only AP speakers I like(and own). As far as I'm concerned t... 
What sonic differences between 2a3, 211,300B & 800
I do not have experience with those tubes-wish I did. Here is a post you may find helpful: 
Samsung Hd841 or Toshiba 4960 modifications
no updates on this? 
New speaker with imaging
Here is an Audiogon discussion link where there are many good recommendations on speakers that image. 
Which speaker is the master of IMAGING ????
another vote for the Spica's. all of them. i agree you with you that the legend room sounded great. even with the little integrated. but i think you may need to buy that whole system. component synergy may have had a lot to do with the sound in th... 
Imaging/Soundstaging - Does room size matter?
specific example...Spica tc-60 with Adcom. Paul Simon, "Negotiations and Lovesongs". In the room eerie band size imaging. About two feet beyond the outsides of the speakers and a foot or two above. Cymbals high, snare drum middle, bass drum low. V... 
Imaging/Soundstaging - Does room size matter?
I agree with Jond. Speaker placement and of course recordings. And I think just swapping components to get it right is the ultimate answer. My experience is limited so I am in part sharing it to also get an answer to the imaging question. So take ... 
Imaging/Soundstaging - Does room size matter?
yep. height. without question. 
Imaging/Soundstaging - Does room size matter?
I had two systems in two different rooms. The system in the larger room, with the speakers out into the room and wide apart, has a wide and deep(!) stage. But the width of the stage stops at the speakers.The smaller room only allowed for the speak... 
What does "good" sound like?
TVAD- My sarcasm was not really directed at you, but the hobby. Agreeably a high quality acoustic recording is the way to go to evaluate a system. But A LOT (!) of music is poorly recorded and/or heavily processed. When I listen to THOSE recording... 
What does "good" sound like?
TVAD is right. Once you journey into this hobby you can no longer buy music you like- but you can pick something nice from several recommended recordings lists. : )