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speaker cable that will soften the highs
To soften the highs, Robert Harley in his "Complete Guide to High-End Audio" suggests less "toe-in" on the speaker placement. It worked for me with my Taylo Reference Monitors. Much cheaper than a cable change. Joel 
Discs you play again and again
Here's to Life, Shirley Horn 
Large Speakers Small Rooms
I have a small listening room - 11X12X8. My previous speakers were B&W Matrix 803s on 7" stands. I now us smaller 2-way speakers - Taylor Ref monitors on 24" stands. No sub. The overall sound quality and ease of listening has improved. The bas... 
Small and satisfying. Please help me.
Warren,Which 37" plasma monitor have you selected? What is the current street price? Thanks,Joel 
What was your first music that you paid for?
My first 45 was "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley. My first LP was "The Great Pretender" by The Platters. Guess my age.Joel 
Tinnitus - do you have ringing in the ears?
Audio friends, thank you all for your advice and comments. I'm 54 and because my father had heart disease, I take a baby aspirin everyday. I'll cut that out for awhile. I also learned that there are several herbal treatments for Tinnitus that have... 
Speakers for small room?
I'm using Taylor Reference Monitors in a small listening room with good results. They are front ported and I have them positioned about 15" from the wall.Happy listening,joel 
Your budget - $20K - best system for a small room
Thank you all for your great and helpful responses. Dekay, my listening room is a home office where I spend a fair amount of time. Wish I could make it larger, but not in the cards right now.I will start researching some of the recommendations wit... 
Tom Waitts Where do I begin?
Warren,Thanks for the great post. I'm not familiar with Tom Waits but will be ordering "Heartattacks and Vine" based on one of the posts. Joel 
What to add to my system for best sound?
Julie,Welcome to audiogon. Some simple suggestions:1. Play with the speaker placement and room treatments first. There are some great posts about this.2. As you can tell from the previous posts, there is no right answer. Trust your own ears.3. A m... 
A personal challenge
Jeff, BRAVO for your great post and your personal accomplishment. Your greatest gift to yourself and your family. I'm a former smoker who quit with the help of a book (that may be out of print) called simply "How to Quit Smoking". It was written i... 
Integrated Amp -- $1,500 or less.
I use a Plinius 8150 int. amp with my Tyler Taylo monitors and am quite pleased. My source is a Linn Ikemi. Happy listening.Joel 
Differences in CD players? Am I crazy?
Tomek,Consider this analogy. If you put a larger carburetor on an engine without improving the exhaust airflow, the power increase is at best minimal. If you improve the flow of air through the engine and out the exhaust, the power increase in dra... 
Moving Out of Matrix 805's
I moved from Matrix 803s on 7" Sound Anchors to Tyler monitors on Soliloquy stands. Small listening room. I'm very pleased. I considered Wilson Benesch Arcs but could not find a used pair. Joel 
friend is looking for good $800-$1200 cd player
I'd second Mcfavre4. I use a Plinius 8150 with a Linn Ikemi and had B&W Matrix 803s until recently. Joel