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Power - where to start? Mains, chords, conditioner, filter?
For all the nay sayers of upgrading cables, using power re-generators, and dedicated power circuits, think the process through. ALL AC voltages have noise and harmonics, which gets induced to any electrical component near by. So buying high qualit... 
Pre/Pro for bi-amping (5.1 configuration)
Why would I change out amps? My PVA-7 is a superb amp and meets all requirements. It's the SC-65 that is failing!  
7M or 25 ft HDMI cable for 4K UHD
This is exactly what I'll be doing...No audio, just video  
Speaker Cables
These AudioQuest ones!!  
Audioquest Rocket series
I upgraded from BJC 10 AWG to Rocket 88 with DBS....WORLDS of difference, clarity, detail, resolution....All improved and they sound amazing...Using them on Bryston Mini-T speakers with an Anthem PVA-7 amp...The change was well worth it!  
$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
Here for a 6ft cable....It's merely $29,400  
What is the most memorable concert that you had attended so far?
U2 The Unforgettable Fire in Atlanta 84 or 85 at the Omni!!  
Need longer run power cable for rel subwoofer
I'd look at one of these, very well made cable 9 AWG for excellent current flow. I'm using one for my amp into my PS Audio PPP and hear a noticeable difference.  
Y-split vs separate cables
I have the same dilemma when I upgrade to an Anthem AVM-60...They (Anthem) don't support bi-amping and they suggested using a splitter. However, the voltage out would be half per channel IF the cable is PERFECTLY balanced. Granted, if the front en... 
Best bookshelf speakers
Bryston Mini-T An absolute amazing sounding speaker  
NEEDED!!! Bi Amp Pros out there that can give me some advice
Here is Paul McGowan explaining both bi-wiring and bi-amping...He states in the video EQUAL GAIN is the most important thing when Bi-Amping  
New speaker cables for my Bryston Mini-T's
@roberjerman Here's a very good article about doing Bi-Wire!  
Bi wire, bi speaker/amp
Here's a very good read, although technical to a point, which explains the very good benefits of bi-wire connections!  
REL Subwoofer: Speakon or RCA?
Here are a few videos REL Technical support sent me when I asked basically the same question for my REL Stadium III Connecting Whi... 
PS Audio Power Plants
I just recently purchased a used PS Audio Power Plant Premier, it wasn't working properly, so I sent it in to PS Audio for repair. While talking to PS Audio technical support, I asked what the difference was between the PPP and the new P5/P10/P20....