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Review: TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CDP CD Player
"The message really is that people need to look hard at upgrading or modding equipment because it does make a dramatic improvement over stock units."JP,What is your mod-design philosophy? Do you believe it's all about parts replacement, shortening... 
Review: TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CDP CD Player
JP,Nice ad ;) Baranyi,The comparison was most interesting. What I learned is you simply cannot get "effortlessnes" from a source unit without a good power supply...batteries being the best in that area. The RAM Marantz SA11S1 with next generation ... 
Has anyone heard the modified TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V
I recently switched out the power cord I was using on the TRL/Sony 900V (3rd generation mod by my estimates) and was also startled by the change it brought. Many of the increases in performance Paul has mentioned that will come with his next mod t... 
Review: TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CDP CD Player
"so I am somewhat pessimistic here, it isn't exactly a 777es or a high end Marantz."Tostuka2,I might be able to help clarify this for you, as I've been evaluating the TRL mod for some time now. I will be receiving a stock 900V shortly to help me i... 
Esoteric DV-50, Marantz SA-11 or Arc CD3 MKII???
"Each one is worse than the other. Revise your list and move on........"Actually, having owned many other stock mid to high end CD players and SACD players, the "AXIS" remains on pretty much anything you don't get a talented mod guy to mod :) IMHO 
Esoteric DV-50, Marantz SA-11 or Arc CD3 MKII???
"the SA-11 Overly warm, also missed the mark."Opposite experience, dead on neutral in my system. In fact it made the moded Denon 3910 I have sound overly warm in comparison. 
Best SACD player for the money - Marantz SA-11S1
Pardales,I had the player for about a month and a half before sending it off for modding. Based on the performance I heard, compared to my modded Denon 3910, I was questioning whether the mod was necessary for this unit. Ever the audio adventurer ... 
Audiomeca Mephisto II power cable
I also can not find Wolff and Moery James cables in my area.Michael Wolff sells factory direct 
Audiomeca Mephisto II power cable
I used the Michael Wolff Source cord on my Mephisto IIX and it seemed to like it right fine :) 
Here we go again...Silver vs. Copper on P/C 's
I've been using silver based PCs and ICs for awhile now. I liked what they were doing in my system, however, I've recently installed all Virtual Dyanmics cabling, their new Testament series, in my rig. I don't know if it's the copper, the technolo... 
Do we suffer our music?
I've always been satisfied with my system(s), I don't need dissatisfaction to spur an upgrade; it's the joy of discovering what more my system is capable of that motivates me. My enjoyment of the music is a constant. 
Review: VeraStarr 1m Silver Reference Interconnect Interconnect
Further update. I had a few more ICs to compare over the last few days, one of them being the Cardas Golden Cross. And although the Cardas had a nice midrange, it just couldn't compete with the openess, impact, and upper freq. range sparkle of the... 
Review: VeraStarr 1m Silver Reference Interconnect Interconnect
I got my first pair of Verastarr SR IC's as a freebee from Mike. We had some shipping delays and shipping damage on my Verastarr Stardock rack that I purchased from him; it was very considerate of Mike to throw those into the deal. And surprisingl... 
Anyone heard Underwood level1 3910 mod?
I have the Underwood 3910 Level 2 mod, w/superclock and bybees; very nice, though since it's my only mod'ed player I couldn't tell you if the other mod'ers are doing something better/different. It certainly has the best sound I've experienced in m... 
THE05: Audio Machina: comments
No low bass reinforcement needed in my room. At least not with the 225 wpc mono tube amps I just got. Subs would be overkill at this point. These speakers are very revealing of amplification; don't blame the speakers for what the amp can not provide.