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power cord for pass 250.8
There must be as many power cord manufacturers as there are things to plug them into. I bought a new 2-meter Hurricane on Mercari for $550. There is more wiring there than buyers, apparently, so a big bargain occasionally.appears. My experience wi... 
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
I bought a one-year subscription to TAS for $7 online. The March issue was their thumbnails of reviews in all their categories including one new one. Harley’s Complete Guide to High-End Audio is indispensable, I think for audiophiles on any level.... 
BHK 250
The BHK  is a stereo amp. The sale on the Stellar Strata 150 Watts, Dac and streamer for $1749 is pretty good, too.  
Upgraded my cables and they transformed my system!!!
Did you ever consider any other manufacturer than Audioquest? Also, you might have saved some money by replacing the Thunder in the power conditioner with the Tornado you already have.  Congratulations on your major upgrade. What's next?  
Purchase on Audiogon arrived not as described
My Kef R3s were packed in one box and shipped to me by FedEx. The delivery person was a young woman who looked to be 100 Lbs soaking wet. She had no cart or hand truck. She dragged the box down the hall to me after most likely dropping it a couple... 
Tube preamp for pass labs ?
There's a Rogue Audio 99 that was used with a Pass Labs XA 25 on Ebay for $1400 right now. You might ask the seller what he experienced with it.  
Preamp vs DAC vs Streamer
If the Parasound checks all the boxes, why not listen to IT first. I used to have one of their pre-amps. It had an excellent phono pre-amp section and overall was not dull and lifeless.  
BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?
Cecil Taylor Spring of Two Blue Jays; Freddie Redd,The Connection.  The latter was an off-Broadway play I saw around 1960. The record was on Blue Note.  
Pictures at an Exhibition
Vladimir Horowitz recorded it on the piano twice; George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra on Sony with two other great pieces is a favorite. I have never seen the value of pop versions since the orchestral versions are better played and colorful ... 
Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,
I was at an estate sale last year where the owner was selling his DCM Time Windows for $60. There wasn't a buyer for them. It seems the brand has been forgotten, unlike the Spendor and Klipsch products. I still have a pair of Spendor BC2's with th...