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The death of an amplifier
Tireguy; If one is going to practice religion I assume in the USA it would be a first step to be able to spell it correctly. That's just my opinion and I could be wrong! 
The death of an amplifier
Is "religons" something new I need to be aware of? 
Audiogon Hall of Fame? And the nominees are...
I enjoy this website for the knowlege, gear, and anonimity. Placing some kind of heiarchy on the members will only deter from the purpose. I agree with Ben. Also Bob_bundus should be mentioned as a contributor. I think a heartfelt thank you would ... 
Jazz lovers. Any Dizzy Gillespie recommendations?
Bird and Diz, Charlie Parker-Dizzy Gillispie. 
bat vk3i best tubes
I just replaced the 6v6s with a (French Military) Mazda. 
Change needed at Audiogon
I assume my offer of a goat, chicken, and a dollar three eighty was not accepted in exchange for the speakers you have advertised. In the marketplace buyers and sellers alike are always trying to push the envelope. I've read disclaimers at the bot... 
bad experiences buying on line
I would also suggest posting some detailed negative feedback. This will help all of us avoid your predicament. 
Songs that you just have to sing
Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman 
What is the best Beatle Song
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Get Back" should be included in this thread. 
Still Freaking Out Over Tube Noise
Bose makes more than speakers...
Sometimes I buy lumber that have real and pronounced bose in them. Can't seem to find the name plate though. 
Is there an end.......ever?
I started in 1964 with the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, I'm still enjoying the journey and the end is not in sight. 
What's your favorite album cover art ?
I am presently setting up a woodshop. The dimensions are 32x50. The wall height is 10' with a vaulted ceiling peaking at 17'. The floor is concrete, the walls are drywall. There is a loft at 8' high in the back that is 32'x 30, also insulated and ...