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Dynaudio vs. Focal - Bookshelfs - Help me Decide!
If you're in the $3k range there is a pair of Contour 20 w/stands listed here, not mine. He has them listed else where for $3500. I would get those over the 2 models you listed.  
Focal Kanta No.2: A New Age Continued...
You had Totem Fotest before? Can you compare the 2? I had Forest in the past but know have Dynaudio Contour C20. I think the Dyns do what the Totem did but better without the harshness of the Forest on occasion. The Kanta certainly look great and ... 
Are there any clubs or members in South Carolina?
I would be interested as well. I'm in the Greenville area.  
Upgrade for Totem Mani 2
Having had several different Totem speakers, though not Mani 2, I would suggest taking a listen to Dyaudio. Similar to Totem but better to me. Totems I had could get a tad harsh sounding with certain recordings. No issue with my Dyns. Plus your Pa... 
Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons
If you're happy with the Marantz sound then I see no reason to not try a Marantz IA. There are tons of options so budget and sound preference will dictate your choice. Some options that seem to work well with Dyn are Naim, Hegel, Musical Fidelity,... 
Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons
If you're happy with C1 and gave the room then a move to C2 would be a good one I think. Even if a new line comes out the C2 is still going to sound great. Upgrading the front end is also great suggestion if the C2 slips away or not. I think you'l... 
Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons
I have C20 now and have no real complaint about bass or lack of bass. My biggest complaint of other speakers I've had is lack of bass. Mostly rock music for me but I can also put on Run The Jewels and just sit in amazement of the bass output. My r... 
Dynaudio-Which one should I buy with around $5000.
C20 has plenty of low end for me and I consider myself a basehead. Thought I would opt for C30 but have been very happy with C20. However I only sit 8’ or so from them. C20 plays louder with no issue from the woofer bottoming out. If you like loud... 
Scansonic mb serie
If you're looking for concert levels then these are not for you. I've had my 2.5 "pop" a couple of times on bass heavy tracks turned up. I just don't turn them up that loud anymore. Still plenty loud for my room but not loud enough for my neighbor... 
Scansonic mb serie
Interesting you found the treated room sounded better since the Scansonic/Raidho speakers seem to work well with little treatment. Unless you're referring to bass traps that helped with the boominess you were referring to in your earlier post.  
Scansonic mb serie
I agree with that jjue. For the price it would be tough to replace my 2.5. Very happy with them. Would be nice if I could keep them 9' apart but that won't work in my current room. I'm stuck at 7.5'.  
Scansonic MB 3.5 review
Great review. I've come close to upgrading from 2.5 to 3.5 several times. May give it another look. This review seems to be in line with what I've been told about the 3.5 as well. Enjoy! 
Scansonic mb serie
Mono and stereo high end audio magazine suppose to have one but not sure if it's been released yet.  
Scansonic mb serie
I think the sound changed after some time in them but it just be getting used to the sound. I talked to one of those sellers and he was using them I. The bedroom I believe and they needed more room. They do need some space in between them. 7'-9' a... 
Scansonic mb serie
Seems like a dealer list on here from Pittsburg.