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New Oasis
i bought it and when i first heard it i knew it was going to be a grower(didnt hit me immediatly)...since ive played it solidly for 2 weeks i pronounce it a corker! i absolutly love it......they aint lost the touch just getting older and turning i... 
tukan V's katan
thankyou! i love my tukans to death but find them a touch too bright in the treble. infact i absolutly love my linn rig apart from the fatigue top end...... maybe the katans are the thing for me or does the active thing take some of that top end o... 
linn kairn/kolector or tube preamp
mprime.......good responce... yes neutral is what i want......i acctually havnt had a lot of experience with different preamps but i am after a sound that issolates the instruments....i'm tired of cluttered drums,especially when loud guitars come ... 
Speakers that work close to the back wall
linn tukans. 
Guitar playing audiophiles, Martin or Taylor?
i like acoustics with indian rosewood sides,very bright and punchy and notes are fave.....prefer that over mahogany(slightly darker).. taylors are very very nice guitars,prolly the only ones i play when i visit the guitar centre. 
intergrated for rock and dance and blues
TWEAK 1 where are you located? got a website?what CDP & monitors would suit the BV..for my music taste? 
intergrated for rock and dance and blues
thanx for the replies guys.....i'm using tukans at the moment,maybe i'll grade up. 
How do you determine how much to spend on speakers
lots of different points of view on here bout the way things should be...its hard to make up your mind reading it all. this is what i did i'd narrow your field of searching by finding out what particualar brands suit the music you listen to first ... 
Upgrading my Linn set up HELP advice please
that canadian hifi is very good stuff. when i went home to the uk in 2002 i went to an audio show in london,they had a Sim Audio Moon set up....a cd player into a intergrated running into an expensive pair of tannoys (believe it or not)... the sou... 
Upgrading my Linn set up HELP advice please said i may want to look where else if i want a better system for the sort of money i have.... i hate to be nieve but could you lead me in a direction there. obviously i could spend my money wiser elsewhere as it takes a lot of mone... 
Upgrading my Linn set up HELP advice please
ive been looking around the site for preamps and there seems to be a couple of other preamps other than the kairn.....they are the wakonda and the kolector and they seem to be cheaper($400-$600used) how do these fair??? or is just worth spending t... 
Upgrading my Linn set up HELP advice please
u guys are too cool...thanx for the reply's... yes this audio thing is realy occupies me and i enjoy quality sound...if i could spend as much on this as i have on my guitars and stuff i would probaly have a system ''TO DIE FOR'' by ... 
Upgrading my Linn set up HELP advice please the ikemi was that much better than the genki (and at a bigger cost also) u think something like a used naim cd player at the used genki cost would be better. j 
Upgrading my Linn set up HELP advice please
lugnut thanx for the feedback man! i appreciate it alot. so a preamp may be the clearest audio upgrade next in line...hummmm??? so if i was to go active i will have to buy other pwramps like the lk85 or lk100 ect...i cant make the powerteks activ... 
Upgrading my Linn set up HELP advice please
luggnet what tube preamp did u put into the system if u dont mind me asking cheers j