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Paul Grzybek Tube Audio Design Passing
So sad to hear, just found out about his passing.Great guy to work with. Absolutely loved my Tadac.RIP to a talented and wonderful person. 
Best Compact Floorstanders?
Thanks for the great replies..I just noticed that my Agon system details havn't been updated for 9 years!!!! Since 2003..I need to some housekeeping round here :) 
Denon PMA 2000 IVR vs. Arcam AVR 280
Interesting, it's clearly a refresh of the PMA-2000 IVR, glad I snagged one when I could - It's even better sounding in power amp mode! 
TADAC owners - which best 12au7 tubes?
I am using black glass Tung Sol's, sound great! I tried them after first trying standard NOS Tung Sol's which sounded so nice and clean, I figured the black glass variant was worth a try. Yes very nice vocals and clean sounding!I noticed after get... 
New DAC recommendation $1K, hopefully tube.
I've just recently got a Tube Audio Design - TADAC tube dac, it is using the el cheapo original Chinese tubes and it still sounds amazing. Completely blows anything I've tried to this date - that includes the Music Hall dac. And when I say complet... 
TADAC and Harmony remote, need codes
Nevermind, My Dac doesn't have the remote guts it needs...I'll keep it as is :) 
Fianlly got my FUBAR II to sing w/ AD797AN Op-amps
How does that work?I needed 2 AD797's (1 for each channel) on a Browndog adapter...Where would the 811/s go? 
How much does your system retail for?
Retail: $4700, paid $2300 usedThat's for: CDP/Pre/Power/Speakers (+ assorted cables)Rotel/Marsh/Belles/B&WIt's constantly changing as I buy and sell all the time.- But think I'm close to a point where I can stop the constant upgrade-itis and j... 
Marsh p2000 and Belles 150a Hot Rod a good match?
I am using B&W P4 floorstanders (8 Ohm nominal/3.7 Ohm min)Oh and I purchased these used for a about half of what the 250i costs, so that is not an option.Any advice regarding Marsh p2000 and Belles power anyone??? 
Delta Labs
Well thank you for the those comments!I just upgarded again! Got a RC-1090 preamp and a RB-1080 power amp.Soundstaging/imaging is better, can't really say which is responsible for the improvement but I suspect the preamp is mostly responsible.My b... 
Delta Labs
Thanks much, I'll keep my eye out for a some of your suggestions apperaing here on Agon!My current system:RCD-971 IEC upgrade (made a huge improvement)Signal cable Analog2 ICRC-995 IEC upgradeDH Labs BL1 XLR ICRB-991 - The deep bass this produces ... 
Delta Labs
Yikes!Looks like it might be one for fleabay!!!I "only" paid $159 for an 8' biwire pair....It actually sounds ok...but you have answered my question, thanks much Trelja...J~ 
Does the Pioneer PD-65 play CDR's - Please confirm
Thanks guys, I wish I had been a bit quicker to ask this question as I hesitated on the one recently offered here for $240 because I didn't think it would play them :(Cheers,Josh 
Rotel RA-1070 amp, any good?
In response to Tireguy;So that means that the Rotel was "better" than the higher end gear that is driving you insane!Isn't that what this is all about; Satisfaction? 
strengths and weaknesses of rotel rc 995?
I recently let my RC-995 go due to a "new" older model Arcam Integrated (very highly rated, $900 class B - I believe) that I was going to biamp withÂ…Well I used the Arcam as a pre and the Rotel absolutely walked all over the Arcam, I have also com...