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Grado Customer Service (Bad)
Can you just return them? Did you purchase new or used?  
on the cheap
@jbuhl +1 You can also explore a Blue Tooth dongle to hang off the receiver/integrated. like this "Stereo is not her life like some of us. The simpler the better. Would not have to be new. It would be nice also to have the ability to have cd st... 
Technics SL-1200GAE or VPI HW-40 or …? Look for one of their used DD turntables in your price range  
A great minimalist integrated?   The Nagra Classic Integrated amp purchased used  
Software to inventory vinyl collection
Discogs. If most of your music has a barcode its even easier.  
InnuOS Sense 2.6.0.
@shredsled  There is an Innuos group on Facebook. The last time I had issues I posted on there and someone helped me resolve the problem before Innuos could get back to me.  
Need help chosing a preamp
The Nagra HD preamp is a next level piece of equipment in both sound and price. I haven't heard it compared to the Luxman, but I have heard it compared to the Nagra Classic pre. It was clearly, as you would expect, superior to the Nagra Classic p... 
Andy Kim at Needle Clinic saves the day!
Andy does a great job with a fast turn around time. He rebuilt and repaired a number of cartridges for me. Always a great result.  
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k This might be a consideration  
list of speakers
@grislybutter  Thanks for doing all of this work. Impressive and helpful. A thought on how you could expand this database and minimize effort. You may have already thought of this and decided not to pursue. Reach out to speaker makers and ask i... 
Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement v2 vs My Sonic Lab (MSL) Signature Platinum
I have a MSL Platinum, and it sounds great. I haven't heard the Goldfinger. This would also be a good place to search and to ask your question.    
Why are my posts being removed.
You can ask the question here. There is a reason.  
Thinking of upgrading speakers from ProAc 3.8 I have enjoyed in my system for 23 years.
To echo what others have said the newer Proac models with ribbon tweeter retain all of the qualities you like in your 3.8 models and sound better with improved imaging and transparency. I have the Proac D-40r, and have owned them since I purchase... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
Thanks. Well said. @davetheoilguy  "Indeed, while it may come to a surprise for those who use Internet forums to make pithy comments, otherwise be rude to others, and lash out for no good reason (other than to sate whatever demon troubles them —... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
I haven't heard the D'Angostino Momentum HD preamp and the Exoteric Grandioso C1X. I have heard the Nagra HD, which sounds fantastic. In a comparison it was significantly superior to a Nagra Classic preamp and an Audio Research Reference. Not su...