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B&W 802D Floor Spikes??
When I bought the B&W 802 d's from my dealer I asked him why I didn't get the spikes with the speakers? He said that it was a B&W policy to have the dealer order them for the buyer "after the purchase". So, to sum it up, I asked him to ord... 
Contemporary composers. Please help.
I think you'll love Gavin Bryars. While you are at it, try some of Ryuichi Sakamoto's more classical stuff...amazing. 
Who Are the Best Young Lions of Jazz Today?
Brad Mehldau (piano)Tord Gustafsson (piano)Myra Melford (piano) 
"Tell the industry what you want" postingboard
Truth, value and durability 
Favorites Alone In Quiet Darkness
Arvo Part's "Tabula Rasa" and Gorecki's "Symphony No.3" 
Favourite ECM Titles
The gorgeous piano trio albums by Marilyn Crispell on ECM...I believe there are three of them. Also, anything by Stanko, Rava, Stenson and Lloyd...beautiful. But you know, they're all (ECM) pretty darn good. 
tube pre suggestions
I can tell you that the deHavilland ultraverve is a darn good preamplifier. Don't take my word for it...find someplace where you can listen if possible. I have had mine for about three years and love the music. 
Coltrane's A Love Supreme and Davis's Kind of Blue
Rileyphile: "It sounds like you like "cool" or "smooth" jazz"I very much dislike anything that begins to sound like phoned in "elevator" jazz. If Kind of Blue by Davis is cool than that is what I like. But I also listen to everything from Anthony ... 
bryston 4b sst- could you or should you turn
Don't worry about turning on and off a Bryston amp. Bryston's are built like a brick and also sound great after only a few minutes of warm up. I have had mine for three years and never leave it on when not listening to music. I don't think you can... 
Tube-aholics Anonymous?
Tvad "Last year, I found a solid state alternative that has made me quite happy". May I ask what solid state alternative you found? I am constantly nit-picking over my tube gear and I have to admit that, in the last few years, I have entertained t... 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Bobo Stensen followed by Marilyn Crispell 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
Tvad...where did you see Abercrombie? 
Tube Rolling - No Change in Sound
It simply may be that your vt-231's and the new wgta's have a relatively similar sound signature. Now if you had tried a tung sol 6sn7gt round plate or a Sylvania 6sn7w I believe you might hear a difference. Also however, one has to consider that ... 
If you play your music between 10 and 12 on the d
I know one thing for my listening...having more, and cleaner WPC, almost always seems to articulate the music better over all the volume spectrum...that's if, of course, you have half-way good speakers, preamp, and other stuff,etc. I have 600 WPC.... 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
My guitar Daddy has always been Frank Zappa. But my step Daddy is John Abercrombie.