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Good looking tube amp suggestions
mac mc275 retro as all get out 
Electrocompaniet ECD-1 vs Dodson DAC's
mercedes vs yugo 
from a Krell SS- FPB 600 to What Tube Amp ?
once you beome spoiled by "great" class a solid state i don'tt think you should ditch thre krell for tubes. you may want to audition the mac2102(tube) as an alternative or an accuphase a50(ss), but i think putting the money toward speakers would b... 
Speakers for loud listening. really loud...
this is a job for jbl....party on 
Best used speaker for $2,000 for rock music
jbl speakers 
Speakers for loud listening. really loud...
any classic jbl monitor 
LP storage boxes?
Musical Fidelity vs. Blue Circle: Integrateds
blue circle 
Audio Research VSi-55 integrated amp - comments?
keep the counterpoints 
Should there only be one company making gear?
its phillips' and sony's world, the rest rest of us just live in it. 
Have I Found Audio Nirvana?
cool system 
Musical Amps
usually 'musical' is a buzzword for inaccurate or it has no bass. this is however not ness a bad thing if you enjoy it. 
Funniest sales pitch
perfect-like new......minor scratches-otherwise mint....discoloration....no original box...good for its age......all in the same paragraph 
Tube Amplifier for Maggies
tubes and maggies is like........into the wind 
Warmest solid-state integrated for under $2k
magnum-dynalab 308 (slightly over 2 grand)...warm and defined...nice piece