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Finally Learned: Subs serve much larger role than adding more low bass
Love my T9i, it has added so much realism to my 20x22x9’ dedicated listen room. Looking forward to adding another for a stereo pair.  
anyone happy with Breuer tonearm? experiences?
I bought my Linn LP12 in 1982 with Breuer type 5 and have loved it since the day it landed in my hands. Ultra rare tonearm and tonearm club/cult like following. I feel extremely privileged to have such an incredible arm in my system.  
The longest you have owned any gear?
Linn LP12 with Breuer arm 35 years 
What drugs do you use to enhance your listening experience?
Red wine 
Variac Variable Transformer
GS5556 I'm referring to my old Hafler XL280 that has been sitting for all that time. I'm a little worried about throwing all that current, at start up cold, into the PS caps. So I thought if I would just ramp it up in 10 20 vac increments with my ... 
Variac Variable Transformer
GS5556 does you procedure include solid state power amp that has been sitting unplugged for 2 1/2 years? Thank you for your contribution to this forum. Joe 
North Carolina Audio Club
Great. Looking forward to it. 
North Carolina Audio Club
Hi two channel,I'm game to do some listening. I live in Jackson co and my business is in Asheville. I'm looking to make the move to Buncombe Co. by the new year. Jackson co might be a stretch for some. Eventually Asheville would probably be better... 
Rawson Resale......
Holy cow!! How can anyone begin to downplay any of Mr. Rawson's work with the Pass gear. I have a pair of his Aleph 2 monoblocks that are really, really incredible. His work is first rate, safe ,reliable, has high value, and are incredibly musical... 
North Carolina Audio Club
Hi everyone in Western NC,I'm in Sylva NC and would love to have/see an audio club in the area. Will be relocating to Asheville by Nov 1 2010, and still would like to see a group come together in this area. My current system is made up of 50% DIY ... 
speakers bottoming out
I've had the same problem with my transmission line woofers a few months ago. They would take incredible low frequency passages until one day I noticed a frightening pop come out of my woofers (Vifa 25OOO8). My system is located in a very dedicate...