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Mental and auditory acuity, and aging
Well said ghdprentice!  
Rockford Fosgate Signature Phono Pre needs repair
Thank you everyone for your time and suggestions.  I will make some calls.   
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
Klipschorn speakers.  Stopped into a high end audio shop in Ft. Smith Ar. back in the '70s.  I have not been the same since.  
Need some cartridge advise please.
Thanks everyone, I have some reading and shopping to do.   
Need some cartridge advise please.
Ha Ha, I'm actually in Shreveport, but the nearest audio dealer is in Dallas.  I'm willing to drive, but damn it's a long ways to visit a small dealer with limited selections.  I realize I'm more likely to see a unicorn than see a new brick and mo... 
Need some cartridge advise please.
Thanks to all that have responded.  I'm researching cartridge matching with tonearms and my head is spinning.  Anyone with deep pockets want to open an audio shop in east Texas?  :) 
Need some cartridge advise please.
I have enjoyed the Benz MIcro.  I do not have any specific complaints about the sound.  I was considering changing based on the age of the cartridge.  Who would you recommend for retipping? 
Need some cartridge advise please.
Thank you racedoc! 
Basis 1400 with Rega arm need new cartridge.
Thanks guys.  I have really enjoyed my Benz Micro.  Looking forward to trying something new. 
Rockford Fosgate Signature Phono preamp
Thank you.   
Rockford Fosgate Signature Phono preamp
OK, now I have to admit my ignorance.  If I was going to check if a tube is my problem, how would I go about checking this out?  Which tubes should I swap?  Thanks in advance for any reply. 
Servers: Are we there yet?
Hello again everyone,It appears this thread has basically died, but tomcy6 did request that after I had listened to my PK100 setup for awhile to post my impressions.  Well, I am still very happy.  It remains difficult to compare to my Meridian G08... 
Ripping files and backups do not match?
Thank you Al, I will try one of the checksum programs. 
Servers: Are we there yet?
I have been lurking this thread and many others for about 4 months.  Without a large budget to work with, but wanting bit perfect server feeds to the dac, I purchased an Auraliti PK100 with power supply here on Audiogon.  I ordered a Trendnet ethe... 
Anyone have the Fosgate Signature V2 Phonostage?
I ordered one mid December. It replaced an Acurus P-10. It sounded OK right out of the box, but I was not blown away. After about 20 hours I began to notice the sound stage bloomed big time. Detail is excellent. I have not changed any tubes, still...