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Ortofon A90 with Graham Phantom
I spoke with Ortofon regarding the A90 and Phantom II and they assured me there are no issues what so ever.....it also was mentioned Bob Graham uses the A90 with his arms.Dealer for Graham & Ortofon 
Ortofon MC A90 Cartridge VTF
Smoffatt......I'm running the A90 on the Phantom II and have around 80 hours so far, I'm liking 2.15-2.18 vtf with just a slight tail high so far. Once I hit the 200 hour mark I will revisit different settings.....#206Dealer disclaimer 
Clearaudio Satisfy Arm Lift / VTA Issue
On your Satisfy you will see the round cylinder that sits on the arm board that your arm is connected to......in the back of that round cylinder is a tiny allen screw, loosen that and you will be able to lift the arm up a few mm.You will notice a ... 
Isolation for a table for floors with movement
I would look into solving some of your floor issiues first.....Pick up some screw jacks, the kind to support floor joists.......your local lumber yard or home depot will have them. Just get the size you need and place them on some sort of concrete... 
Clearaudio concerto VTA on Unify 9
Keilschmeil.....no it is not a typo, run it closer to the heavy side. 
hanss turntables
Amari Acoustics export division is Hanss AcousticsDealer disclaimer 
Have you turned your loved ones into audiophiles
+1 on what jaybo said....... 
Mcintosh c2300 preamp tube question
I tried the Teles as mentioned above and found them just ok nothing special IMO, you would figure with all the hype and high prices the Teles bring that they would be the go to tube......I also used early RCA black plates and prefered them over th... 
Two quick record cleaning methods - enough?
Ai water = Audio Intelligent Vinyl SolutionsDisclaimerDealer for AIVSJeff 
Kenwood 8005 find?
Schipo, I have spare knobs from a KT7300 tuner and if they fit your welcome to them. Shoot me a email if your interested. Happy Holidays! 
Jolida JD-100 vs. Ayre CX-7E
If you want to stay around $1000 the Raysonic is nice, has tubes and it's a top loader. I think I saw one for under a grand. Happy Listening 
$3000: upgrade Tyler Linbrooks or amplification?
You have some nice gear already and dropping a few thousand may not get you everything you hoped for, maybe more of a lateral move perhaps. The room treatment route would be my choice given your mentioned budget. $500-$1000 worth of treatments can... 
What to clean audio equipment with?
The alcohol/ammonia free LCD-Laptop-Computer Screen cleaners work great. I use a brand called Klear Screen (klearscreen.com) about $9.00 a bottle at any computer store. 
A good power conditionner with tube amps ?
I have to agree with Sns......IMO If you want to do something for your amps consider D-Lines, good wall outlets and power cords. Many find dealing with the ac part of the system can be most rewarding. Happy Listening! 
Power Conditioning: Exactpower vs. Rotel vs. other
Why don't you see if your dealer will let you take the Rotel home since he swears by it. If your connecting your amp into the Duet try it direct to the wall.