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Metrum Octave Dac experiences
i have a metrum since 4 weeks now ,replace an audio-note dac 3.1kit and berkeley alpha. at first i was a little disapointed coming from two excellent dac. the octave sounds thin , constricted with an upfront medium. so i decide to mod it with few ... 
Yamamoto YDA 01 DAC
looking at the pictures of the metrum octave in the 6moons review i can't see any crystal clock? perhaps it cames from an erase chips ? any idea? 
What is the best DAC ever made?
last years i have owned , berkeley alpha, weiss 202, AA tube dac SE, and tried dozen of others dacs.. and now landing with an Diy AudioNote dac 3.1 . it is the first one i can listen hours and hours like my other analog stuff.. 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
Teajay , i don't know who you are. but i just want to say : THANK YOU ! 
Wyred DACS
so , in the end the W4S dac is just another very good dac for his price , as the weiss dac 2 or tranquility dac, and audio-gd dacs. not really the giant-killer as it was anounced at first? 
Review: db System Zardoz Ultimo Transport
clock upgrade , and some critical caps changed on the airport audio card too.:) 
Review: db System Zardoz Ultimo Transport
nice review agear , dan will be happy for that :) i still have my Zardoz ultimo too and now just upgraded with the V2.0 and compared with weiss minerva+amarra at my local shop. i still prefer the french wood wifi box with my SET and Avant-Garde Na... 
Weiss Dac2/Minerva?
nothing wrong with that the EC1 dac is very good .. 
placette passive preamp! best of all i owned ( exept the VIOLA Cadenza 13000$)but: you need a good matching impedance between the source and the ampit is not good looking.to cheap to be proud of it. 
marten design alto vs miles III Vs wilson sophia?
thanks, yes the avalon are on my list too , my source is digital and i will choose the amplifier after the speakers.. miles III are 91db , alto 87db not the same needs.:) 
Personal Preamp Evolution.
only those that i can remember...tube: Jadis DPL2, JADIS JPS8, JADIS JPS2S supratek chardonnay, supratek Cabernet LEBEN RS28solid state : Metaxas reference, Electrocompaniet EC 4.7, Viola CadenzaPassive: Cello Etude, Bent audio Noh TVC, promitheus... 
legends and new preamp choice...
thanks for your advice , the LEBEN is a very nice sounding preamp butunfortunatly not a good match with a high sensitivity balanced amplifier.. 
Sending music to DAC wireless vs wired
hi hokhost , yes the best is not to trust my audiophile blah blah but listen one unit by yourself :) i live in Cannes french riviera a little far from Paris.. but i will try to find a reseller in Paris and give it to you in P.Mail.cheers .C.C 
Sending music to DAC wireless vs wired
Yes you are right my nickname in France is captaincaveman.and yes i have used my D1 dac with many kind of PC drive , waterminal U24, OFFRAMP turbo, moded squeeze box, and the best drive i ve found was this moded airport express.. but from the day ... 
Sending music to DAC wireless vs wired
hi , the fact is the stock airport express is very good but not as big Cd palyer or Drive , the reasons is , poor and noisy power supply , bad signal routing, bad ceramics caps on sensitive place and usual cheap clock.what "Dan" do ( the more i kn...